Celebrate international beer day with Heineken 0.0

Considering picking up a few bottles of beer to celebrate international beer day? Why not try something that doesn’t give you the horrible next day hangover? Heineken® 0.0 to show that NOW YOU CAN join in and celebrate the special day, even if you don’t fancy the alcohol…

Mindful Drinking Festival in Bermondsey, Heineken. Photos by Kirsten Holst.

Pub facts for Int. Beer Day

  1. The only drinks that are more widely consumed worldwide than beer are milk, water and tea
  2. People really like non-alcoholic beer – over half of the top 10 bottled beers in the UK gaining the most distribution in the last year are alcohol free.
  3. In 1814 London suffered the Great Beer Flood when about 388,000 gallons of beer flooded the streets around Tottenham Court Road after vats in a brewery ruptured, a judge later declared this as an ‘Act of God’.
  4. The study of beer and beer-making even has an official scientific name – zythology. It derives from the Greek words “zythos” (beer) and “logos” (study).