Care More About Fibre Broadband Than The Fibre In Our Diet

Despite gut health affecting every single one of us and even though ‘gut health’ has been a buzz word for several years now – it turns out the majority of us, still don’t understand our gut, the impact it has on our entire body and the importance of keeping it healthy.

New research that surveyed 2,000 adults in the UK, conducted by the innovative start-up The Gut Stuff, has revealed the nation is clueless when it comes to the clever bacteria in our bellies, and the role fibre plays in our overall gut health. In fact, almost 60% of adults in the UK said having access to fast and reliable fibre internet, is more important than getting the right amount of fibre intake in their daily diet.

Our gut health can impact everything from our mental health (95% of our serotonin is produced in the gut), through to chronic disease and metabolic disorders. The gut microbiome (the trillions of bacteria in your gut) plays a crucial role in our gut health, by helping control digestion, benefiting our immune system and many (many) other benefits. However, the research revealed that 71% of Brits don’t actually know what a gut microbiome is, and a whopping 62% of us have no idea how to take care of it properly.

When it comes to the importance of fibre in our diet, most of us know by now it helps keep us regular, but the truth is, it does so much more than that. A high in fibre diet can help to reduce the risk of certain diseases, including high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and even bowel cancer – but despite this, over ¾ of Brits (77%) believe the recommended fibre intake for an adult is between 10 to 15 grams a day, half of the required amount.

Lisa and Alana Macfarlane, Founders of The Gut Stuff said: “We’re not in the slightest bit surprised about these stats, lots of us just aren’t great about getting enough fibre, which means we’re not thinking about it either.

We’re passionate about raising awareness around the importance of gut health and showing how it’s just as important to make sure you look good on the inside too! We really hope this research shines a light on the subject, reminding the country to be more conscious of their fibre intake, which will be hugely beneficial to both their bodies, and minds.”

The Gut Stuff Good Fibrations snack bar range is designed to support your gut health. They are one of the highest fibre content health bars on the market and provide a third of your recommended 30g daily fibre intake! The bars come in Peanut Butter, Raspberry & Coconut, Apple & Cinnamon, Cocoa and Hazelnut and are gluten-free, high in fibre, dairy-free and totally vegan too.



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