Care For Those Curls

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Winter is still here, despite how hard we try to ignore it, and our hair always suffers. Curly hair is an investment for sure, there can be quite a lot of pound coins put into the wrong products that leave our curls miserable. So, we did some investigating on some of the best ways to keep these curls happy and healthy, despite the weather and the wallet.


Ah, the deep conditioning process. There is nothing more testing than the condition and detangle routine; the results always vary and tears always fall. There is an easier way to keep those curls fed without loosing our heads. The main secret is using a high quality product that doesn’t break the bank. No matter your curl pattern, we’ve found that Cantu do an amazing deep conditioning masks and leave in products that really gets the job done. The shea butter leave in conditioner is one of our favourites- we recommend spreading a decent amount of conditioner on the hair and then using a wide-tooth comb, or a good quality paddle brush, to detangle. For an extra bounce when you step, we also suggest keeping the hair away from exposure for a little while; keep your curls nice and warm in a shower cap so that your hair can really soak up all that goodness.


We can not express to you the importance of a good quality hair oil. There are many different types of curls but each one benefits from the perfect oil. If you have quite loose curls it’s best to use a lighter oil- Organix have a great line of coconut and Moroccan oil sprays that are great to spray in the morning before heading out. If you’re hair is a thicker coil then there is nothing better than avocado oil- running some avocado oil through your curls and scalp each morning will create an amazing shine and will also protect from the bitter winter outside.


There are very mixed opinions about whether we should use heat on our curls. With a decent heat protecter and a great defuser blowdrying can save you a bunch of time. But, if you want quality curls for longer, we say put a pause on the heat and let Mother Nature do the drying. Yes it can take a while, depending on how thick your hair is, but regardless we know your hair will love you more if you just moisturise and let it dry.


If you eat like garbage your hair will feel like garbage. As the old saying goes, your body is your temple… so treat it as such! Everything that goes in will find its way out; whether that be tighter jeans, disappointing skin or droopy dry curls. Eat plenty of veg, protein and good fats for your hair to kiss you in the mirror. We swear by avocado here but drinking plenty of water, eating a couple eggs and snacking on some plain nuts will have your hair singing!


The closer we get to wash day, the more crazy our curls can get. By this point they’re just as tired of studying and working as you are, so why not give it that pick me up it needs? It’s always a good idea to have a spray bottle mixture near by- this can be done to preference, have fun with it! Include some of your favourite leave in conditioner, pour in a small amount of your favourite oil and tiny bit of water and shake better than Shake Shack. Spray your hair on that glum Thursday before wash day, and scrunch away until you’re satisfied. Not only will your hair smell brilliant but it’ll do wonders for your scalp. Pay attention to the scalp, remember thats where it all magic is- a happy scalp will always lead to a beautifully cheerful head of curls.

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