Captain Underpants: The first Epic Movie

Based on the first book in Dav Pilkey’s popular series about a superhero who yep you’ve guessed it wears underpants!

This animated comedy about friendship (and farts) is guaranteed to amuse the young kids in your life, you’ll find your inner child and find yourself laughing thanks to a clever script that I think will take quite a few by surprise.

It uses the fourth wall often with the main characters breaking out to talk to the viewer directly, a little warning/spoiler alert for all you slightly prudish adults – You have to be ok with toilet humor to enjoy Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. If you’re likely to be offended by pooh then perhaps skip this movie, as just like the book this topic is recurrently popular throughout the film!

That said the film displays some very important messages to children including that of friendship and empathy to others! George and Harold realize Krupp is not what they thought and see him in a new light in which they learn more about his lonely life, and although the boys still find humour in the professor’s name, they now understand that it’s wrong to laugh at someone for that reason alone.

In my opinion you could do far worse for an afternoon out at the cinema! As long as you don’t mind pooh and underpants!!!

Out in cinemas 24th July