The wellness industry has put a lot of pressure on us to use lockdown to change our lives in the last year. Make a sculpture of this. That must be detoxed. Learn about this new pastime. The Sweet Life, a new campaign from gourmet sweet brand Candy Kittens, aims to send a sweeter message. The company, led by Jamie Laing, uses comedy to inspire people to let go of ridiculous (and costly) wellness pressures, live a healthier lifestyle, and, ultimately, be sweet to themselves.

According to the brand’s research, 39 percent of 16-35 year olds have felt pressure to lose weight, learn a new skill (36 percent), or detox after a year of confinement (17 percent ), 34% changed their diet, and 34% increased their physical activity (49 percent ). Furthermore, with financial stress at an all-time high, more than three-quarters have spent up to 60% more on “wellness” products like diet teas and appetite suppressants. 27 percent have purchased new fitness equipment, 35 percent have purchased new skincare items, and a fifth have increased their candle purchases.

 All of this stress has left the Brits depressed, with 38 percent stating that they are nervous, insecure (36 percent), and depressed (27 percent ). Despite all of this wellness strain, 82 percent agreed that leading a healthy lifestyle that includes the occasional treat is vital, with nearly 60 percent choosing a sweet treat, half ordering their favourite takeaway, and 40 percent taking a long, hot bath. Other enjoyable pastimes include reading a book (45%) or going for a long walk (44%).

Candy Kittens, the brand created by broadcaster, podcast host, and Strictly Come Dancing finalist Jamie Laing, has launched The Sweet Life as a response to the findings, encouraging people to be kinder to themselves, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and stop spending a fortune on any new wellness trend. The campaign launches today with a spoof video featuring Jamie Laing and The Sweet Life online hub, which includes hilarious spoof articles as well as cheeky parody merchandise.

 In a hilarious spoof of some of the more extreme and expensive fitness trends on the market, Founder Jamie gives an Oscar-worthy score. Jamie, dressed in a fluffy white robe, goes on a “quest for the facts,” strolling through a lavish home, sampling numerous overpriced luxury goods, and relaxing in a luxurious bubble bath, before returning to reality and reminding us all that “Feeling good really shouldn’t cost the earth”.

Jamie Laing, Candy Kittens founder said: “There’s no denying the past year has been incredibly tough and taking care of yourself has become more important than ever. The Sweet Life is all about helping to bring people some joy and positivity. Telling them we think they’re already awesome and that they don’t need to overhaul their lives, spend hundreds of pounds on products or change who they are to feel good. Sometimes, a nice walk, a long hot bath and ultimately a balanced life that allows you to have that occasional sweet treat is enough. And we’re here all day for that!”

The Sweet Life hub contains posts and step-by-step guides on topics such as The Detox Detox (learn how to spot juice cleanse pushers a mile away and execute your effective escape), Intermittent Slowing (combine enjoyable workouts with structured rest days to ensure that you get the most out of doing literally nothing), and The Detox Detox (learn how to spot juice cleanse pushers a mile away and execute your successful escape). Also included is a step-by-step guide to: Lying Face Down in Your Bed and Doing Nothing (with life moving at lightning speed, let this guide help you take a step back and do absolutely nothing). There’s also a slew of utterly pointless parody merchandise available at exorbitant prices. These include:

  • The Sweet Eating Mat, £150: An exercise mat for eating your sweets on. Can also be used for Yoga
  • Sweet Eating Spoon, £30: A long stemmed spoon for getting your Candy Kittens safely out of the bag and into your mouth
  • Breath de Jamie, £75: Energising breath from Candy Kittens founder, Jamie Laing. Gasp, Breath, Sigh – consume Jamie’s emotions
  • Eau de Bain, £95: A homeopathic distillation of Jamie’s bathwater for the ultimate bath time ritual

Sweet Life merchandise will not be available for purchase. Those who click to buy will instead be reminded that they don’t need to waste money on such frills, that they’re already pretty fine, and that there are cheaper, even free, ways to treat themselves.

Candy Kittens recently launched their new vegan Very Cherry flavour, joining the rest of the range including Wild Strawberry, Sour Watermelon, Eton Mess and Tropical Mango. 

Developed in London, Candy Kittens blend big flavours with honest ingredients to bring you sweets that taste as great as they look. No compromises. Using vegan and vegetarian recipes, Candy Kittens use only the best ingredients for you and the planet, so you can feel good while satisfying your sweet craving

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