Can the Ravens win the Super Bowl?

The Ravens are on an incredible run of form that has seen them beat the Patriots, humble the Seahawks and completely humiliate the LA Rams in their own back yard. But do they have what it takes to go all the way and claim their 3rd championship?

What seemed like an improbable feat is starting to look all the more possible as the weeks go by, so let’s take a closer look at their chances:

Home advantage
The Ravens could possibly seal home advantage for the entire duration of the postseason if they manage to clinch the #1 seed in the AFC. And let’s face it, who’s going to stand in their way?

Home advantage might not seal their progress, but it certainly will give them the upper hand against whoever they face in the playoffs. If their path to the Super Bowl is lined by their own supporters, it’s difficult to see them slipping up. But with the NFL showpiece set for Miami, home advantage will only get them so far.


What the bookies say
It’s unanimous and hardly surprising given their form — the Ravens are every bookmaker’s favourites for the Super Bowl. Odds vary from site to site, but overall it seems that the Ravens are around 9/4 to win the Vince Lombardi trophy in February. The San Francisco 49ers are second-favourites, with odds hovering around 4/1 which isn’t really much of a shock considering the incredible form that Jimmy Garropolo is in.

Although the Ravens are indeed the bookmakers’ favourites to win Super Bowl LIV, it’s hard to ignore the potential threat of the Patriots doing what they do best. Some bookmakers are offering incredible odds of as much as 6/1 for The Patriots to win, which seems too good an opportunity to miss. Better yet, they even offer a free bet for new sign-ups. That looks like a pretty good bet to get on right there.

However, as we mentioned earlier the Ravens have already beaten the Patriots once so far this season, and Brady and his bunch aren’t quite the fearsome team they once were. Still a good outside bet though, even if the general consensus is that it will be one of either the Ravens or the 49ers who’ll become champions.


An incredible defence
To say that the Ravens defense is doing solid work would be a massive understatement. They limit opponents to an average of 14.6 points per game, since the Browns put 40 points past them in game 4. Since then they’ve forced turnover after turnover and although they’re still behind both the 49ers and the Patriots in defense rankings, that’s still some phenomenal work.

Of course, this Ravens defense is well behind if compared to the 2000 Ravens, who had one of the best defenses of all time. But that’s okay, because this time around they have a much better offensive team.


Attacking verve
The offense continues to impress with each and every week. They have managed to score over 40 points five times this season and after beating the Jets, they have now won 10 games in a row. And what makes that stat all the more impressive is the fact that it’s never been done by a Ravens team before. It’s not just the record, but the manner in which they achieved it.

The Ravens of old would win tight contests by small margins and lean heavily on their defense to close out games. This year it’s a little different. They now have arguably their first ever superstar in offense and Lamar Jackson looks like he’s just getting started. He’s managed 2889 passing yards and 1103 rushing yards to become the team’s most valuable player.

The 2012 Super Bowl winning roster scored 44 touchdowns in their march to glory. The 2019 roster already have 58 in 14 games and we’re not even at the playoffs yet. They may not be as tight defensively as the 49ers or the Patriots, but when we look at the overall roster this team is the complete package.


Strength in depth
Luckily for Ravens fans, Jackson isn’t the only player who is hitting new heights. Marquise Brown, Mark Ingram and Mark Andrews have all chipped in to ensure that the team scored enough points to break records on their way to sealing the championship.

General manager Eric DeCosta has also been instrumental in bringing in the best players to suit the Ravens’ needs. The standout additions being free agent signings L.J Fort and Josh Bynes, who added more depth to the defense and slotted into the team as if they were born to be Ravens.

Matthew Judon is also right up there with the best with QB hits, hurries and sacks, while run blockers Michael Williams and Michael Pierce are doing amazing work chasing down opposing running backs. The standout player in defense has been Marlon Humphrey, who scored two touchdowns while bossing opposing wide receivers. But nice guy that he is, he’s laying all the credit on Jackson’s leadership qualities.

The strength of depth in this squad has been sorely tested on several occasions throughout the season, with injuries decimating the starting line-ups. But each time the squad has come through and taken up the slack. It’s a testament to the skills of the coaching staff that not only have they identified some of the brightest upcoming talent in the nation, they can keep those players who don’t play too often primed and ready for action.


Can they do it in Miami?
The Super Bowl isn’t won in December, but the Ravens have put themselves in an incredible position to lift the Vince Lombardi trophy come February. They are the AFC North champions and have confidence in spades. They have a superstar in Lamar Jackson, while their defense is certainly up to the task.

Now all we need to see is if they have the mentality to go all the way. We’ve seen teams have stellar regular seasons only for their form and confidence to drop off in the playoffs. Hopefully, this won’t be the case with the Ravens and if the win over the Jets is anything to go by, this team is one that can certainly handle the pressure.

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