Buying Your First Pair of Specs? 3 Tips to Keep in Mind

Do you feel like your vision is getting worse? According to reports, eye health across the UK is plummeting, with the National Eye Health Week campaign estimating that up to a million more Brits will suffer from significant vision impairment and loss within the next decade. As such, experts recommend that people begin to adopt more protective and corrective solutions. Chief among these is wearing the right prescription glasses as early as possible. It should be noted that studies have shown that up to two in five cases of sight loss in the country are caused by uncorrected refractive errors.

Having said this, if eye issues are new to you, buying a pair of glasses can seem daunting. To make this process easier, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Find a style that suits your face shape

If you’re not used to eyeglasses, they can make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. Previously, a study by Boots UK even found that up to 22% of respondents choose not to wear specs for fear of feeling self-conscious. To prevent this, it’s important to ask yourself, “what glasses suit my face?” This means you need to determine your face shape and then find specs in a style that balances it out. For instance, if you have a round face, which is defined by full cheeks and a rounded chin, you’ll want something more angular. In this case, a classic square style, like Arden’s Birch, adds definition and contrast. Meanwhile, a square face with a broad forehead and wide jaw can opt for glasses with softer curves, like Glasses Direct’s round Everly specs. By finding a style of glasses that works with your face, you’ll likely feel more comfortable and confident in your new pair.


Choose materials that complement your lifestyle

Of course, glasses are not just meant for fashion but also for function. Because of this, glasses are exposed to a lot of daily wear and tear. This is why NVISION Eye Center estimates that most glasses last about two years. In order to find a pair that can keep up with you, think about the materials the specs are made of. For instance, if you’re an avid athlete or fitness buff, glasses from performance brands like Oakley might be the right choice. Since they use their proprietary O-Matter material, which is lightweight yet durable, the specs are less likely to dig in or shatter. Alternatively, if you’re somebody who follows a green lifestyle, Bird’s Athene glasses are made of biodegradable bio-acetate chips that are resilient to everyday demands while mindful of the environment. The more your glasses align with your own unique circumstances, the more they will last and support your needs.


Consider your doctor’s recommended add-ons

Finally, you should consider whether your doctor indicated that your specs are better off with upgrades. For example, if your doctor has diagnosed you with photophobia, you might want to think of which lens tints can best protect your eyes. Generally, red-tinted lenses, like those from TheraSpecs, are believed to help relieve sensitive eyes, thereby preventing any migraines. Alternatively, if your doctor has noticed that you’re prone to eye fatigue, they might suggest blue light glasses. According to manufacturers such as Warby Parker, these glasses use a special filter that blocks out potentially harmful blue-violet light that can cause retinal exhaustion and ageing. These might not be necessary for everyone, but some eye conditions can be more effectively managed with such special features.

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