Budding Entrepreneurs: Comb Virtualizes the Fashion Industry


Of all the apps we have on our phones nowadays, how many can we say actually enrich or better our lives in some way? Sure, Candy Crush and Tinder are wildly entertaining, but the purpose of modern technology is so much more than that.

That’s exactly what Comb creators Moeez Ali and Liam Doolan have done. Their new app, which you may have heard us rave about here at Verge, sets out to change the way we shop. Comb allows users to take inspiration from our surroundings and integrate them into our closets. By simply uploading a photo to the app (whether it be a piece of clothing, a pattern, a color, etc.) users can search through similar items that have been combed through the app’s 2 million piece database.

But where did the two tech-savvy lads get their start? Ali and Doolan both come from different areas of study in university, but they were reunited in their passion for social media.


Liam Doolan describes himself as a social media consultant who is “part of the Facebook generation.” He is an expert at building brands and companies through social media, and Comb was no exception.

Moeez Ali finds his background in marketing and brand strategy through social media. With over five years of experience, the Louborough graduate was no stranger to brand building either.

The two technology whizzes came together to found Comb in January of 2014, and have been on the go ever since.

It’s clear that the guys’ passion for social media has greatly influenced the development of Comb. To quote the Comb press release:

Taking its cues from most popular social media platforms, Comb encourages its users to curate tailored feeds by following their friends, favourite style icons and fashion bloggers. … Comb also has an in-app chat feature which allows users to share items with friends, recreating the social aspect of shopping and sharing opinions with others. With brands and retailers like Topman, Topshop, Uniqlo, AllSaints, The Outnet and LN-CC, Comb is accessible to all sorts of shoppers.

It’s clear Ali and Doolan are very passionate about what they do and how it will unite their users. To find out more about Comb and the lads behind the app, check out www.joincomb.com


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