Brushes to Bring Out Your Beauty: Why We’re Insane For Iconic London

Photo by Carley Lerner
Photo by Carley Lerner

We’ve all been through it at least once. It’s a sort of initiation into girlhood, a right of passage so to speak. It always happens when your mom is distracted in some way or another. As soon as she turns her back, you’re off, trampling up the stairs and into her closet. You slip into her dauntingly long dress and feel a sudden bolt of electricity bounce through your body as you stumble upon the jackpot: high heels. Once you are safely—or rather dangerously—wearing shoes that are too big for your tiny toes, you can focus on beauty. Using whatever brushes you can find, or even your hands if you’d prefer, you slather makeup all over your face. When you look in the mirror, your eyes light up in pure elation. The mirror reflects what you had only been able to guess at: you are a makeup genius.

As the years progress, so will your makeup talent. If I had to guess, I would say you probably don’t still use lipstick to paint Harry Potter lightning bolt scars on your forehead, or eyeliner to draw freckles on your nose. If you’re anything like me, you probably appreciate a good foundation brush or a colorful eye shadow palette. Maybe you’ve even seen a tutorial or two on how to contour. Maybe you have given contouring a go. Maybe it’s worked out—it probably hasn’t.

But now contouring is easier than ever before, and it’s all thanks to Iconic London’s Evo Brushes. Shaped like mini hairbrushes, Evo Brushes are used to create the perfect contour. The versatility of each Evo Brush, regardless of the size, allows you to create a beautiful blend of face makeup. Available in packs of three or five, Evo Brushes can be used for any part of the makeup application process. Technically, the larger brushes are best for foundation and blending, while smaller brushes are better for contouring and concealer. That being said, the entire process can also be achieved with a single Evo Brush. So, if you’re looking for a natural way to smooth your face or highlight your cheekbones, look no further! Or, if you’re headed for a night out on the town, Evo Brushes can be used to boldly brighten your best features. No matter the occasion, Evo Brushes can be used to create the perfect look.

Some of you may be worried that Iconic London’s Evo Brushes will be just as rough and uncomfortable as the brushes that you’re already using. This is a valid concern, but—and I am speaking from experience here—Evo brushes are very soft. Got it? The terrific textures of Evo Brushes allow for enjoyable makeovers, guaranteed to smooth, blend, and highlight your face fantastically.

Another bonus? Iconic London recognizes the importance of a stylish makeup kit. That’s why they offer Evo Brushes in a white and rose gold face and eye set as well as a black and rose gold set. Not to mention the fact that both of these glamorous brush sets come inside a beautiful makeup bag! Say goodbye to messy drawers and loose makeup, and get ready for the new, improved, and organized you, courtesy of Iconic London.

For all of you less adventurous ones out there, I now speak directly to you. Don’t be intimidated by the professional appearance that Evo Brushes produce. You definitely don’t need to be a professional makeup artist in order to create a breathtaking blend or contour. All you really need are some Evo Brushes, makeup, a few flicks of your wrist, and the confidence to rock your model status makeover.

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