Broken Phone? No Problem. Call iMend!

Approximately 1 in 3 of my friends are walking around with an iPhone screen that is shattered to smithereens; it’s not a great look. Avoiding a repair becomes second nature, I’ll admit myself to using excuses such as:  “well, it still works so I’ll just wait and see what happens” or, “I’m just far too busy to go and get it fixed”, and of course the classic:  “there is nowhere near me to get it repaired and I’m not sitting on the train for 45 minutes”. Fear not, iMend are here to help. is the UK’s first nationwide call­-out mobile phone repair service. If you break your phone, instead of the hassle of going out to a shop, iMend will send an experienced repair technician to come directly to you to fix your device securely at your convenience.

Based on these slightly scary statistics, it looks like a lot of us could use the help. Research from reveals that 40% of us could only last a day or less without a working device, 29% of Brits believe that putting a phone in a bag of rice will fix water damage,  and 66% of Brits are oblivious to the fact that a broken screen may impact a smartphone’s internal workings.

Even more shockingly, an estimated 19.2 million people are walking around with a broken phone. The research, which polled 2000 people across the UK, also found that 21.7% of us are using a phone with a cracked screen, 16% need a battery replacement and 10% say that their smartphone does not charge properly.

Despite our ‘laissez-faire’ approach to the upkeep of our smartphones, having a fully non-functioning device would be quite traumatic for the average Brit, who could only last 3.4 days without a working phone, and 40% admitted they could only last a day or less. The founder of, Keir McConomy, explains:

“Brits walking around with damaged phones are living on the edge of a crack-tastrophe – not least because most of them can’t survive for more than a couple of days without their handsets. Although your phone may still be functioning, a cracked screen is susceptible to water ingression, which is why it is important to seek professional help to prevent irreversible damage as soon as a crack appears. Most customers are worried that getting a device repaired will void the manufacturer’s warranty – however as accidental damage is outside of the manufacturer’s warranty anyway, this is just another myth around getting your phone repaired.”


When it comes to iPhone repair only charges £40-60 to fix a broken screen and £29.99 to fix water damage – but almost a third of Brits think it is a lot more pricey, and therefore avoid a repair until absolutely necessary.

There was a distinct gap in the market for a convenient and reasonably priced mobile repair service, and this gap has been fully filled by the fantastic iMend. Here’s how it works works: simply book an appointment online or over the phone, tell them your location, and iMend will do the rest. prides itself on the quality and speed of its service; all of iMend’s repair technicians are experienced engineers. In most cases iMend’s technicians will come out on the same day, and if they can’t fix your device, you don’t pay. Prices are quoted up front and iMend is so confident in its service that it also provides a 12 month warranty on most repairs, depending on the nature of the problem.

Verge can vouch for the promised quality, speedy service as iMend fixed an iPhone 5s in the comfort of our own office. The iMend technicians arrived promptly on time, and the phone was fixed in a matter of minutes – no exaggeration! The whole procedure was finished in less than 15 minutes, at minimal cost, and it was super convenient. The iMend team can visit you in your office, at home, or wherever you may be, saving you the inconvenience of travel and a potentially hefty bill.

Don’t leave your phone damaged or broken, contact iMend and arrange an appointment, you won’t regret it!

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