Peak wedding season has arrived and it’s been revealed the rise in popularity of stag, hen dos and weddings abroad! Brits shell out an average of £1,463 each when both pre-wedding celebrations and the nuptials are overseas.

Culture Trip, the global start-up operating in travel, media and entertainment surveyed 2,000 respondents across the UK*- revealing wedding woes for the happy couple and guests alike, and new attitudes towards destination weddings and stag and hen dos.

Home or Away? The rise of destination weddings and overseas stag and hen dos

Destination weddings and stag and hen parties abroad are rising. According to Culture Trip, each Brit will attend on average 1 wedding this year, with two-fifths heading overseas for the occasion. Of the 54 million wedding attendances this year, 24 million of those attendances will be to a wedding abroad. Most likely to be heading abroad are millennials, as of the 27 million millennial wedding attendees, a whopping 14 million of them will head overseas**.

Planning a wedding abroad? Your guests won’t thank you for it. Secret hatred of overseas weddings and stag and hen dos is common amongst Brits but in true British fashion, guests feel too uncomfortable to politely decline.

One fifth (21%) of Brits wish it were easier to say no to a wedding abroad, without offending the happy couple. Say no at your peril, however, as more than a third (38%) of people who’ve declined invitations have done so at the cost of a relationship.

Yet, the disdain may be mutual – more than half (51%) of Brits secretly think that couples plan a wedding abroad to avoid unwanted guests, and39% of Brits even confess they would do this for their own nuptials.

The go-to excuse to avoid a wedding is the cost, with 46% using this as a reason to escape a wedding abroad. Shockingly, an estimated1,090,377*** Brits have declined attending a wedding because they have cheated – or still are cheating – with the betrothed.

Overseas weddings, stag and hen dos leave Brits poor in pockets, but rich in experiences 


Destination weddings aren’t cheap, for both the betrothed and their guests. The average wedding abroad costs guests £847 to attend and the biggest expenditure to consider is flights or trains, costing guests on average £156. Factoring in the accumulated cost of travel, accommodation, outfits, gifts, food, drink and activities, Brits could be shelling out over £45 BILLION on overseas weddings each year.

Stag and hen parties abroad also hit our wallets as Brits spend on average £616 all in the name of fun in the sun on foreign shores. This means that factoring in potential additional costs, Brits could be spending over £32 billion per year to attend destination stag and hen dos.

 For guests who’ve committed to attending both pre-wedding and wedding day celebrations on foreign shores, they’re shelling out an eye watering average of £1,463.


Hen and stag dos? No, ‘sten’ and ‘hag’ dos!


Out with strippers and sashes, in with whiskey tasting and wellness –  stag and hen dos have undergone a completely modern overhaul. Just underA quarter (23%) of Brits think that heavy drinking is a relic of a time gone by, and strippers are now considered tacky  (41%) ; modern bachelors and bachelorettes are more interested in low-key experiences. Afternoon tea takes the crown for hen dos, with 28% of women classing it as their ideal hen do activity. For men, alcohol tasting wins with 1 in 6 men declaring this their favourite.

The Culture Trip survey also reveals a shift towards destination trips. Amsterdam tops the list as the most popular destination for stag dos historically (15%), whilst Edinburgh takes the crown for hen dos (9%). Meanwhile, Barcelona also sits at the top of bucket lists for stag and hen dos, with 38% of Brits hoping to travel there for pre-wedding celebrations.

Within the UK, Scotland is historically the most popular destination wedding location as 12% of Brits have travelled here for nuptials. Meanwhile, Spain tops the list as the most popular wedding destination outside of the UK, with 7% of Brits having attended a wedding here, whilst the majority of would-be wedding-goers lust after Italy as a dream wedding destination in the future (38%).


For overseas stag and hen destination inspiration, visit:


Stag Do Destinations Abroad 

Men who’ve travelled to these destinations for stag dos  Men who haven’t but want to travel to these destinations for stag dos 
1 Amsterdam (11%) Barcelona (36%)
2 Edinburgh (10%) Amsterdam (33%)
3 Dublin (9%) Dublin (32%)
4 Berlin (8%) Rome (31%)
5 Barcelona (7%) Prague (31%)


Hen Do Destinations Abroad

Women who’ve travelled to these destinations for hen dos Women who haven’t but want to travel to these destinations for hen dos
1 Edinburgh (9%) Barcelona (41%)
2 Amsterdam (7%) Dublin (39%)
3 Dublin (7%) Paris (39%)
4 Barcelona (7%) Edinburgh (39%)
5 Ibiza (6%) Las Vegas (38%)


Wedding Destinations Abroad 

Brits who’ve travelled to these destinations for weddings Bris who haven’t but want to travel to these destinations for weddings
1 Scotland (12%) Italy (38%)
2 Ireland (8%) Spain (37%)
3 Spain (7%) France (37%)
4 United States (6%) Greece (37%)
5 France (6%) Portugal (37%)


Stag & Hen Do Activities 


Stag Dos (Men who’ve ranked their ideal stag do activities)  Hen Dos (Women who’ve ranked their ideal hen do activities) 
1 Alcohol Tasting (Beer, Whiskey, Wine, Gin, etc.) (16%) Spa/Pamper Session (39%)
2 Clubbing/Bar or Pub Crawl (16%) Afternoon Tea/High Tea (28%)
3 Quad Biking/Go Karting (16%) Clubbing/Bar or Pub Crawl (17%)
4 Paintballing (14%) Makeover/Makeup Class (16%)
5 Strippers/Topless Waiters (13%) Boat Cruise/Sailing (16%)