Brand Stands Up For Jenner

The tables were turned this week when one of the media’s most notorious enemies, Russell Brand, took a step away from his own affairs to support a fellow celebrity. Brand, who usually keeps far away from the world of celebrity tabloid gossip, took to the media to defend Bruce Jenner this week after some harsh allegations towards the former Olympian were made.

In Touch Magazine¸ a less than reputable source for information, released a controversial cover with a highly altered photo of Jenner. In the photo, the 65year-old father was seen wearing heavy blush, pink lipstick, and caked on foundation.  Recent speculation has been that Jenner is in the process of transitioning into become a woman, so the photos fit that unsupported rumour. The icing on the cake however was the bold headline that read ‘My Life As A Woman”, a pretty bold headline for a source that never spoke with Jenner or any of his affiliates.


After the shocking headline hit the stands, Russell Brand took to his series The Trews to comment on the magazine’s actions. “This is bullying,” Brand stated. “Stop. Bruce Jenner is a human being.” The actor seemed very down to Earth and genuinely concerned as he discussed the issue of bullying those who are potentially transitioning.

“For some sections of the media, transphobia seems to be the most recent and encouraged form of prejudice, now that racism and homophobia are not tolerated,” Brand stated. “We can’t be homophobic anymore… Can’t be racist anymore… But still can be transphobic though, can we?” Brand even compared these sort of actions to those of dystopian societies of pop-culture, such as that from Blade Runner. He called such bullying, “a celebration of the worst aspects of human values.”

Hopefully, people will begin to stand together to support the Transgendered community to fight against transphobia, the same way they have against homophobia and racism.

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