Brand New Verge Podcast: Chatting Films With Coffee: Episode 1 Mission Impossible, Iceman and Mamma Mia 2!

We are SO EXCITED to launch our latest podcast Chatting Films With Coffee hosted by our Film And TV Editor, Simon Harkness and Verge writer Mike Elkins!

As the name suggests, it will be a film based podcast but with a twist… If you’re like those 2, you’ll probably agree that there is nothing better than sitting down with your mates and chatting about films, whilst enjoying a lovely cup of coffee and that is exactly what our new show is all about.

In our first episode, Simon and Mike discuss Mission: Impossible Fallout (released by Paramount), Iceman (Bulldog Film) and Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (Universal) and after interviewing Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast at the UK Premiere of Fallout, the burning question really was is Mike is as tall as Tom Cruise?

We are also giving you guys the chance to win 3 Aeropress Coffee Machines!! To enter, you have 3 options. Either RT and follow both Verge (@Vergemagonline) AND Aeropress UK (Aeropress_UK) on Twitter, like and follow both Verge (@vergemag) AND Aeropress UK (aeropress) on Instagram OR email with the answer to this question- What day and date did Simon interview Tom Cruise at the UK Premiere of Mission: Impossible Fallout? Good luck!

Check out our first episode of Chatting Films With Coffeee right here and enjoy!