Blonde Electra

From growing up in a religious cult to scaring Simon Cowell, the journey of Blonde Electra has been anything but ordinary and perhaps that’s why these girls set out on a voyage of Girl Power and positivity, with a side order of “we don’t give a Damn!”.

We wanted to know about growing up with no music, working with Katy Perry’s writers and their view that the world has gone nuts.

For those of us not familiar with you, or who missed your all but brief spell on Xfactor, tell us about Jazzy and Ruby (Natalia) the sisters behind the name “Blonde Electra”

Ruby: We are 2 sisters with a somewhat unusual upbringing. Our dad was a leader of a religious cult so our childhood was very difficult; we weren’t allowed to listen to ANY music (because it was ungodly), no movies and definitely no Harry Potter books – it was awful! So Jazzy and I decided to run away from home; we were only 12 and 15 but to this day, we made the right choice. Life was just too boring, everything we loved was forbidden and we needed to pursue our dreams.

You were once quoted as saying: “We want him to fall out of his chair! Every time we perform we have this thing where we want to scare him. We want him to have a panic attack live on television. If we can accomplish that it will be a job well done.” Do you still feel the same way about Mr Cowell?

Jazzy: I honestly think the X Factor has become a really boring show. Everything is scripted which we found kinda dumb, so we wanted to freak people out a bit, keep things interesting. The producers seemed to love it!

You were described as “fearless” when it came down to styling choice on the X Factor. Tell us about your image, style influences and fashion icons?

Ruby: I think what you wear can be a great reflection of who you are as a person. In our case, we’re fearless, fun and we don’t really care about the negativity people can project. So we like to show that in our fashion. Our aunt also happens to be the fabulous Cher, so we’ve definitely taken a page out of her book!

You are from a large family having started out at a young age with your siblings in the band named KING, tell us a bit about family life and your growing up which has been documented as being less than conventional?

Jazzy: Life was very hard if I’m honest. I know our fashion and overall personalities make us seem like we come from Unicorn Land but our childhood was very tough. However, kids have a great way of overcoming things that I don’t think I could if we went through those things now, as adults. I honestly think we are as strong and fearless because of the things we overcame as kids in our home.

The single is out on the 14th April, tell us about the single and the sound we can expect of Blonde Electra?

Ruby: We’ve had so much fun with this album; you can expect a lot of heartfelt love songs, we really wrote from the heart. Writing has been in our blood since a very young age. We’ve had the privilege of co-writing with Bonnie McKee who wrote all of Katy Perry’s hits and MDL who wrote Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean‘, so you can expect a very ‘’Katy Perry meets Bieber’’ vibe.

What do you do to wind down; talk us through a day off for Blonde Electra? Where would we find you and doing what?

Ruby: A day at home is actually really funny, Jazzy is a total workout junkie – she usually spends most of the day on a yoga mat in our living room. I’m usually watching the news. I’m very tuned in to what’s going on around the world -the world has gone nuts!

Most siblings experience some kind of squabble or sibling rivalry, so how much of an advantage or disadvantage is it working with your sister?

Jazzy: Haha… yeah…. we fight sometimes but it has gotten a lot better. When we were younger, it could get pretty ugly but now we meditate a lot so we’ve learned to use our words lol (words can hurt more)! When were not fighting were actually best friends, Ruby knows all my secrets I know all of hers. Blonde Electra has really solidified our relationship.

What can your fans expect to come from you in the near future, will there be live shows and albums to look forward to?

Ruby : YES YES YES! We’ve got about 35 shows lined up – we’re doing many festivals in the UK this summer. Everything will be released on our website in the next couple of days. We’re also making 4 more music videos this summer so stay tuned, you guys are gonna love it!

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