Best Street style looks from some of our favourite fashion bloggers

We all have that one favourite blogger we follow on various social media platforms; where we get to see what their favourite brands are, what shows they are attending, where they are going on holiday, and most importantly where we obsess on what they are wearing.

The phenomenon of the fashion blogger has grown widely around the world where seemingly average people become Instagram famous and the front row at various fashion shows become filled with bloggers. The dependence of people and the fashion industry on the internet and social media nowadays has proven the driving force of the fashion blogger and their commercial worth to the industry by advertising, sponsored content and spreading the word of the newest and most interesting brands to look into- plus everyone loves a bit of opinionated and personal content from their favorite blogger.

Here at Verge we have complied a short list of our favorite out of the ordinary bloggers alongside images of their streetstyle from the forever expanding list of famed fashion bloggers; helping you discover their own personal fashion styles and a new blog or instagram account to follow for further inspiration.

London based India Rose is a widely sought after individual, not only in terms of followers on her instagram but also various brands. If you are looking for urban, relaxed, minimalist, and mainly monochrome street style inspiration, she is definitely the one to check out! (, Instagram: @indiaroseco)

indiarose2 indiarose3 (1)  indiarose1 indiarose4



Halfway across the world in Brooklyn, NY, British born Nadia Sarwar curates her own photography blog If you are one who has a tendency for artistic aesthetics and menswear, Nadia is definitely someone to look out for. (, Intsagram: @froufrou)

froufrou3 froufrouu1 rfoufrouu4



For something more colourful, we have always been a fan of Lucy Rance of Blogger and freelance designer isn’t afraid to be daring with outfits in loud colors and clashing prints, with clothes found on the high street mixed with vintage finds and bargains. (, Instagram: @lulutrixabelle)

lulu3 lulu1 lulu2 lulu4

Pastels, fluffy textures, metallics, and a carefully colour coded instagram and blog best describes one of our favorites- Charlie Barker. Famous both on the web and making strides in print magazine, Charlie is a force to be reckoned with both in style and looks. (, Instagram: @charliexbarker) 

charliebarker3 charliebarker4 charliebarker1 charliebarker2



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