Beat The Heat with Bulb

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With the heatwave hitting the UK this week, Amit Gudka, Chief Energy Officer at Bulb, shares his top tips on how to beat the heat without increasing those energy bills:

Keep the curtains shut
It might sound counter-intuitive, but keep blinds, curtains and exterior shutters closed during the day, particularly in bedrooms. This stops direct sunlight entering the home and keeps rooms cool

Turn off the tumble dryer and dishwasher
Large household appliances generate lots of excess heat, so try not to use them where possible – a great excuse to put off doing that laundry until later. Or take advantage of the warm weather to dry your clothes by ditching the tumble dryer, which will help to save money on your energy bills

Use a smart meter to keep an eye on your energy use
If you’re using aircon or a fan to keep cool, then a smart meter will help you stay on top of how much energy you’re using. Depending on wattage and how long it’s on for, running a fan costs roughly between 5p and 14p each night, which can add up over the summer

Get a house plant
The beloved house plant can bring in moisture to a stuffy room. There’s no better time to get green-fingered and create a mini oasis in your bedroom.

Turn down your water heater
Turn down your water heater. Water heating accounts for 18% of the energy consumed in your home. There’s no point wasting energy on keeping water piping hot all the time when you probably won’t use it

Turn off lights and tech
Light bulbs and electrical appliances emit lots of heat, so make sure to turn off lights and unplug any devices that aren’t in use, particularly at night. Also, try avoid using these high energy appliances at peak times, as this will help you save energy and keep those bills low

Switch to LED
If you need to have the lights on, then it could be helpful to grab some energy-saving LED lights. LEDs use far less electricity than traditional bulbs, and emit very little heat (unlike traditional bulbs that release 90% of their energy as heat)

Go al fresco
Cooking big meals, such as a roast dinner, will make the temperature of the house rise. If you can, try doing a BBQ outside with simple and lighter dishes, such as salads, to help minimise energy and heat. If you don’t have a BBQ, using a microwave is also a great way to cook food quickly and doesn’t produce any heat

Use the cool evening air
Opening the windows in the evening will allow cool air to circulate the room – ready for the next working day

Chilled bedtime routineDespite your best efforts to keep your home cool, you might still find yourself struggling to drift off in the heat. If that’s the case, try this quick and energy efficient trick: During the day, pop a pair of clean socks (in a sealed bag) into your freezer. Before bed, take a cold shower then put on your pre-chilled socks, ready for a cool night’s sleep ahead. If you’ve got space in your freezer, then half fill a hot water bottle. Once it’s ready, you’ll have a cooling sleeping aid. Your fridge and freezer are appliances that are always on and actually work more efficiently when they are used to full capacity – helping you save energy and money

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