Poke restaurant Poke House has announced it is adding the world’s first dog-friendly poke bowl to its menu after being inundated by requests for healthy human food for our furry friends.

Every dog has their favourite treat but there’s nothing quite like the ‘forbidden fruit’ of human food, and so Poke House has created a healthy, human-style “Pup Poke” bowl, made up of its every day customer options, allowing guests to dine with their doggy and not have to share.

The first-of-its-kind bowl was created with leading dog nutritionist Cam Wimble and is packed full of nutritious ingredients to keep your canine companion healthy and happy. Having offered the bowl for a limited time, the restaurant has added it to the menu after being inundated with requests for the dish.

The protein and amino acid-rich bowl is made up of quinoa, courgette, red cabbage, a healthy helping of chicken and nori seaweed. It’s the perfect meal to keep your dog feeling and looking healthy with ingredients proven to support dog gut health, immune systems, hormone function and coat health.

Leading dog nutritionist and Founder at The Dog Nutritionist, Cam Wimble, said“Dog’s thrive from a balanced diet and what a lot of people don’t know is that vegetables can be very important to their dog’s general wellbeing. We’ve created a protein-rich bowl with lots of delicious chicken and have even included quinoa as it contains all 10 essential amino acids for dogs. Protein and amino acids are the building blocks of life, they help keep your dog bouncy and mobile and their coat glossy and so this season. Prebiotic fibres in the cabbage and the soluble fibres in the courgette work to keep your dog’s gut healthy and support their immune system. All topped with Nori seaweed, which is a great source of iodine, which will help support healthy hormone function.”

Poke Pup Recipe:

  • Base: Tricolour quinoa (40g)
  • Protein: Cooked chicken (80g)
  • Green: Red cabbage (20g), Courgette (20g)
  • Sprinkle: Nori seaweed

Get your hands and paws on the Pup Poke bowl now at all Poke House London restaurants – Portobello Road, Victoria, Bank, St. Pauls, Battersea Power Station, Canary Wharf, Spitalfields and Bloomberg Arcade – for £4.95.

For humans, Poke House’s ever-evolving menu includes a core range of House Bowls selected by public demand including Sunny Salmon, Spicy Tuna and Vegan Bowl. Every bowl is made with the freshest ingredients, with all greens and fruit and veg (from avocados to mango) delivered daily from local and trusted suppliers.

UK House Special Bowls:

  • Sunny Salmon: Sushi White Rice, Juicy Salmon, Fresh Avocado, Edamame, Red Cabbage, Special Dressing, Avocado Cream, Sesame Seeds
  • Spicy Tuna: Sushi White Rice, Tuna, Goma Wakame, Red Cabbage, Carrot, Cucumber, Spicy Peanut Dressing, Ponzu Dressing, Jalapeño, Crispy Onion, Tobiko, Sesame Seeds
  • House Chicken: Sushi White Rice, Teriyaki & Ginger Chicken, Courgette, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Cabbage, Teriyaki Sauce, Spicy Mayo, Spring Onion, Crushed Almonds, Sesame Seeds
  • House Vegan: Tricolour Quinoa and Kale, Huera Vegan Chicken, Carrot, Chickpeas, Fresh Avocado, Teriyaki Dressing, Crushed Almonds, Sesame Seeds
  • Heat Wave: Tricolour Quinoa, Juicy Salmon, Fresh Avocado, Cucumber, Red Onion, Spicy Mayo, Coriander, Sesame Seeds
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