Atom bank, the UK’s first bank built exclusively for mobile, announces its largest ever campaign, which targets First Time Buyers

Atom, who are creating the most customer centric bank on the planet, have created this acerbically witty campaign to target FTBs and Millennials. Teaming up with mischievous cartoonists; Modern Toss and creative agency; Frank, Atom have created a series of straight-talking adverts that take aim at the whole banking industry and shine a light on bad practice.

 Millennials are often accused of being supported wholly by the bank of mum and dad, or spending all of their money on avocado on toast, when in reality most are self-sufficient and saving because they want a mortgage. Atom is acknowledging that banks tarnish all millennials with the same brush and wants to confront this stereotype head on as they know millennials can be (and want to be) financially independent. In an industry with so much overbearing negativity, Atom are disrupting the market by offering something different.

The campaign will run for the next few weeks, with a series of outdoor placements across London and closer to Atom’s home in the North East.

Mark Mullen, CEO and co-founder of Atom bank, said: “The guys at Modern Toss look at Banking from the outside in.  They tell the truth as they see it and we were already big fans of their work.  

“I love it that they agreed to work with us.  They live outside the Banking bubble where oftentimes I think the view is a whole lot clearer.” 

 Jon and Mick from Modern Toss, said: “This commission with Atom represents our first ever bank job. We hope to learn something from these modern challengers and maybe one day break into the financial services market ourselves.


If you want to see the full set of ads and those that were a little too racy to make the cut head over to