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The backward downturn of Arsenal pedigree after the departure of Arsene Wenger is not such valid news. Even the Wenger era, the Emirate stadium occupant can’t command the topnotch credibility they once had during the invincible era in 2003/2004. The surge of Wenger to change his philosophy to talent hunt rather than established superstar had helped in the club status relegation.

Arsenal has not commanded the best possible talent in recent times, however, the purchase of Nicolas Pepe in the last Premier League summer transfer window might have been the highest possible procurement of Arsenal in their over hundred years’ rich history, but it was Mikel Arteta signing in 2011 that have proved to be the most vital for that belief in tactical philosophy of passing.

In 2011, the signing of Arteta was not the most lauded signing like the Nicolas Pepe in 2019, but the signing was sure to smoothen the Arsenal’s midfield that had been crumbling with the loss Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri to FC Barcelona and Manchester City respectively against the club wishes.

In his playing days, Arteta was like an Italian bread with olive oil and cracked pepper. He was nothing fancy, but he was still the best. A football team of eleven of him won’t get it done nutritionally of in football-wise, but as one part, he was unbeatable and he kept dropping in a little balsamic seldom.

Now as a coach, the Spaniard had brought the unexpected FA Cup glory to the underperforming and less motivated Arsenal side beaten the cup competition favourite on the way without conceding and also capsizing the Chelsea Football Club in an emphatic manner in the final.

Just like the signing of Virgil Van-Dyke and Allison Becker that made Liverpool believe again, the signing of Arteta in December 2019 is somewhat making the Gunners fans across the globe believe again after the FA Cup glory. But, it was not the FA Cup triumph that spring up the believe once more, rather the manner at which the club is heading under his direction.

Mikel might not have the best CV to land such job at Arsenal but working under one the best tactician will surely give him such edge and be the former player of the club.

Tactically, the Spaniard had improved the leaking Arsenal’s defence from 1.33goals conceded per match to 0.84goals and he had doubled the number of clean sheets in this period, which look remarkably with the same squad that look ordinary under the guidance of Unai Emery.

Also, the transition of multiple formations in a match will keep making the opposition guessing of how the team might attack or defence and keeps making Arsenal stronger in each game. The Spaniard has been the head coach of Arsenal in 28games: he had lost six times (21.43%), drew six times (21.43%) and won sixteen times (57.14%), beating Liverpool and Manchester city in the process within the space of a week makes it a splendour.

Arsenal might have the cadre of the world-class player in their mist, with the like of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazzette, and Nicolas Pepe to mention few are playing like a bunch of average player under the guidance of Emery.

But, this crop of players has upgraded their hunger and are now playing better games compare to the past. Their game is certainly not the best at the moment, but when compared to their initial instance of the season, the praises are coming in for the job well-done.

Arsenal might have had Mesut Ozil signed for £45 million, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for £45 million, Alexandre Lacazzette for £30 million, Nicolas Pepe for £75 million, but it was the signing of Arteta in 2011 with the deal of £15 million from Arsenal that gave Arsenal the advantage of qualifying to Europe and playing tantalizing football once more in 2020.

Arteta might have understudied one of the footballing tactician genii and some great player might have graced the grass of Emirate stadium.

Some had faded out sooner than expected and some excelled, but it was the Spaniard that made them believe again after the loss of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona in 2011 while playing at the heart of Arsenal midfield in his playing days. And now, as a coach, Arteta had made the Gunners believe once more. As he kept proven to be the best signing of Arsenal in recent time.

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