Arne Causes a Storm as the Next Big Street Wear Line


If you have been yearning to own a piece of clothing which screams street wear in the most deviant way possible, you just might be in luck. Arne, a new and refined street wear line which proves that simplicity is everything, has been pushing the boat out over the last few months with daring designs which are so simple that not even Kanye’s Yeezy collection can match up to it.

With prices ranging in the hundreds for designer brands today, it seems almost impossible to snag an item with a label which screams ‘Alexander Wang’. However, Arne proves that price is not everything making it an accessible line for millions to snatch up all over the world. We sat down with the founders of Arne to find out everything we need to know – from the simplicity of the designs to the making behind the collection.

Verge: What made you want to start a clothing line?

Arne: I quit my job at a major fashion brand and decided to take time out to travel. I hung out in the same places I kept returning to time and time again like New York, LA, Tokyo, spending most of my time skateboarding and met loads of cool people on route. While I was in LA, I was asked to create a bunch of tees for a friend and thought to myself, “Why don’t I do this for real and start my own line?” I had the right experience from working in fashion, I just needed the inspiration to make it happen.

The brand name was actually inspired by my travels as when travelling, I always carried my stuff around in a second hand Swedish military bag. I don’t know what it was about this bag but I got so many props on it! One of the reasons I loved this bag was the fact it had the name ‘Arne’ (ar-nee) handwritten inside of it, and felt that naming the brand after this mysterious person was a fitting tribute, plus it will always a reminder of my crazy days on the road.

Verge: It’s quite daring to keep clothes so simple yet the designs are extremely effective. What inspired you to produce a clothing line so distinctive from opposing lines?

Arne: I love simplicity – from the clothes I design, to the phone I use, to the watch I wear. I feel anything which is too busy masks a good design and detracts from the original vision/ purpose.

Verge: Do you feel that high fashion is beginning to be considered as old fashion in a way?

Arne: I do, with the rise of social media anyone can create amazing products and easily promote it to the world and we now don’t have to rely on traditional brands to dictate what we wear.

Verge: How would you best describe Arne using three words?

Arne: Skate, Fashion, Music.


Verge: Launching a clothing line is not easy, so how do you plan on expanding Arne globally?

Arne: We’re currently repping the brand via Instagram (@arnegoods) and also establishing the brand within some cool UK skate/ fashion retailers. However, when we’re ready to grow internationally, we’ll do it through securing some good local PR, fashion trade shows and hitting up some great contacts I’ve made on my travels.

Verge: Apart from your personal vision and other individuals who were involved in the process, what else inspired you in the making of Arne and what was the most challenging aspect during its development?

Arne: The people around me helped inspire the range, as I only produce stuff I like and that me and my pals would wear ourselves. The most challenging aspect though, is keeping the line tight and to a cohesive collection. I’m constantly designing prints and it’s quite easy to start going off track and away from the original design brief.

Verge: Arne has released so many products in such a short space of time! What garment is your favourite and why?

Arne: My favourite piece is the Classic Tee, it’s such a dope print and was also the first piece we released.

Verge: Arne looks like it’s set to be a must have line in our wardrobes this year. What can we expect in the coming months?

Arne: More graphic prints, more colour, bags, 5 panel caps, plus a skateboard collaboration with one of the hottest UK street artists.

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