The Apps that will save you this year at Uni

Whether you’re a Fresher embarking on your first year at university or entering your final year, everybody begins the school year wanting to achieve the same things: make it to class, hand in assessments on time (and hopefully do well), save as much money as you can, maintain moderately healthy diet and of course have fun. These apps will help you achieve just that.


Finding the right student property can be a nightmare, with students often spending countless hours researching and viewing ‘dodgey’ flats and houses before finding the ideal place. The Urban Collective’s app UrbanCo is the only property service 100% focused on tenant customer service from the ground up. It takes the hassle out of finding an ideal home through an innovative listings app which is led by lifestyle choices and a ‘Sherpa’ service which acts like a concierge offering expert advice and doing the heavy lifting in property search.




(OFFTIME) is the app that will let you focus on that paper you’ve left to the last minute and have one night to complete with zero interruptions. (OFFTIME) allows you to restrict access to distracting apps, block calls, texts, and disruptive notifications so you can focus on what needs to be done. Don’t worry though, you still have the ability to select the people you want to be able to get through to you. Mum need not worry.




Social life in uni can get the best of you and it can be hard to keep track of your academic life. The MyHomework app will elevate the worry of missing a due date or an important lecture. The app allows you to track projects, assessments, tests and classes so you never miss a step. MyHomework will send you due date reminders just in case an assessment or a big test slipped your mind. Sync MyHomework between all of your devices so you never miss a beat.




Eating is one of the hardest things to plan and figure out when you first live on your own. The university diet can consist of a lot of takeaway, a lot of instant noodles and very little green in your diet. MealBoard can help with that. The app is a meal and grocery planner and allows you to track what’s in your pantry, store recipes, plan your meals and even generate your grocery list. MealBoard is an easy way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay on track throughout the school year.




One of the toughest things about being a student is budgeting and keeping track of all of your finances. Stay on top of your savings with MINT the popular spending tracker. MINT allows users to track and pay bills, set alerts for low funds, track unusual spending and has an easy to use budgeting function to make sure you don’t overspend. With MINT you’ll never lose track of your spending and always know how much you have in your account.



Meeting people can be hard, especially if you’ve come to a new city or even a new country for university. Skout is the app that will solve all your social problems. It’s super simple, Skout helps you meet up with new friends in your area, and across the world, maybe you want to chat with people across in another country to meet new people before you embark on your semester studying abroad. Users also have the ability to find relationships through Skout so you can take your pick.


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