Apps to Accentuate Your Instagram Photos

As Instagram evolves, it cannot be denied that the filters provided by the app are not able to keep up with the extravagant photos that are expected. Luckily, there are some amazing photo editing and enhancing apps out there to help boost your Instagram game.



Afterlight is a simple and straightforward photo editing app that allows for quick and easy photo enhancement. With over 50 different filters, 15 editing tools, and more than 70 unique frames, Afterlight gives users the option to take any photo they like and perfect it before they share it on social media. While app does cost $0.99 for the download, it is certainly worth the small investment.





Vsco Cam

Vsco Cam is another simple, straightforward, and free editing app that will help make your photos even more spectacular. Able to tweak the exposure of a photo or add a film grain to any image your choose, VSCO Cam offers simple photo effects that create big results.





PicStitch gives you the chance to create some beautiful photo collages to share with friends. Everyone has had that amazing night where you took so many great photos that you could not possibly choose just one to put online, and from this dilemma, Pic Stitch was born. It allows you to make collages of between 2 and 10 pictures, making sure that none of your favorite moments go unnoticed.





InstaSize is the app every Instagrammer has been praying for. It allows you to edit your entire photo, adding filters, textures, stickers, without having to crop your photo.  It is always a little bit annoying to crop out some amazing background features because the photo does not fit the predetermined photo size. With InstaSize, all those worries fly out the window and you can use any photo your heart desires!





Retrica offers photo takes a unique opportunity for photo takers who like filters and photo enhancements. With over 100 different filters to choose from, Retrica offers users the opportunity to see what photo filters will look like before you even snap the photo. Instead of spending 20 minutes flipping through filters after a photo is taken, you can see what the filter will look like before you even snap the picture.


Instagram allows users to document some of their favorite adventures and experiences, and these editing apps will take your photos to an entirely new level, making you the ruler of your Instagram.

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