Apple Music Streaming Service Launches With Beats 1 Radio Station

Apple has once again revolutionised the entire music industry and flipped it right on it’s head – Introducing, Apple Music!

“Today we’re announcing Apple Music. It’s going to change the way you experience music,” said the company’s CEO Tim Cook. In a super interesting move, the service will not only launch on iOS later this month, but will be available on Android from the Autumn. The service will also be free for the first three months.

Apple Music will bring together your iTunes library with tens of millions of tracks that you can either stream, or listen to offline. Apple is attempting to curate your music experience by providing intuitive, personalised playlisting features. Like Spotify, it is using expert curators to create playlists you’ll want to listen to.

“Apple is arriving late to the music streaming business, due in part to Steve Jobs’ refusal to believe that music subscription services would ever work,” says James McQuivery of Forrester. Even though they’re late to the game, he believes that they could potentially beat the likes of Spotify and they expect to catch up with Spotify’s paid subscriber base within a year.

Users can also make and share their own curated playlists, while others can be viewed in the “For You” tab. There, Apple employees, artists, and regular users can have their playlists spotlighted.

iTunes chief Eddy Cue also showed how Siri integration can allow users to make specific requests, like to play “that song from ‘Selma,'” or to play the top song from a specific date.

As part of Apple Music, the company is launching Beats 1, a 24-hour global radio station that will be run by three DJs from three different cities around the world. The London station will be presented by Julie Adenuga who currently presents on Rinse FM and is Skepta and JME’s sister – pretty impressive family huh?! The LA station will be run by none other than the incredible, Zane Lowe, who earlier this year announced his departure from Radio 1 to partake on a ‘new venture’ with Apple. And the third station will be presented by Ebro Darden from NY. The station will stream from within the Apple Music app, and will be available to listen for free, even without an Apple Music subscription.

Taking the stage at todays event was rapper Drake, who said the Connect feature hits at a perfect time for him as he works on his next album. Connect is designed to allow artists, both major and small-time, to share their output and connect directly with fans with lyrics, behind-the-scenes photos, remixes, and more. Drake said of the new feature, “Focus on your body of work. Instead of having to post your stuff on these different and sometimes confusing places, it’s all in one place: Connect.”


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