An Ethical Alternative for Fast Fashion

When you’ve just purchased some brand new outfits, you may not think about where your clothes have come from or the affect that making those clothes has had on the world. So, you may not believe it, but fashion is the most polluting industry in the world after oil. For those who wish to feel better about making an investment into some new pieces, Sundried is the place to look.

Created by athletes who believe in an organic way of life, Sundried continuously give back to the environment and communities as well as encouraging healthy lifestyles. The brand is also partnered with the Low Carbon Innovation Fund, which ensures their products are produced as ethically as possible. One of their values is “Don’t drive when you can cycle. Don’t produce in China if you can produce in Europe. Low carbon in everything we do.”

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Every item of clothing purchased from Sundried is labelled with a unique code so that customers can trace their clothing’s journey from day one, when the material was sourced, to the final creation. They also provide a unique code to charity Water for Kids each time a purchase is made from their collection. This enables customers to view their pledge page where they can see just how much of a difference their donation makes.

Additionally, with celebrity fans such as Tom Hardy, Amanda Seyfried and Joe Wicks, Sundried’s values are a big step forwards for fashion.

Shop the collection here.

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