Amazon Studios To Start Producing Original Films

Books, clothing, toys, and now, original films?


Make way Hulu and Netflix! A new streaming service is emerging that is going to begin making its own original films. Amazon has just announced that beginning in late 2015, Amazon Studios will begin producing original film content that will be released in cinemas, then streamed through Prime Instant Video four to eight weeks later.

Vice President for Amazon Studios, Roy Price, released a statement just a few days ago expressing his expectations for this new service. Price said he hopes that producing original content will not only support subscribers, but also filmmakers, “who too often struggle to mount fresh and daring stories that deserve an audience.”


Not only has Amazon decided to begin creating their own films alongside their original television series, but they have also signed on some pretty big names to assist them. Just after announcing that Amazon Studios will begin production on a new TV series to be directed by Woody Allen. These announcements come just after Amazon Studios won two Golden Globes for their original series Transparent.


After the success of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black and Hulu’s Quick Draw, Amazon is doing the only sensible thing; making their own original content to keep up. Although Instant Prime Video is arguably one of the quickest, easiest ways to watch your favorite TV shows and films, waiting months for your favorite shows requires way too much patience. It only makes sense that a good studio would begin making their own content to distribute to their viewers. Whether or not the films are going to be any good is something the world will just have to wait for and see.

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