Alternative Sport Show: Logistx Edra

In this episode of ‘The Alternative Sport Show’ host Matthew Connell speaks with Californian B-Girl Logistx, who has been breaking since she was nine and is a member of the crews Underground Flow, BreakinMIA and Red Bull BC One All Stars.

Logan Edra, aka Logistx, was born and raised in California. She is a Red Bull BC One All Star, a member of the Underground Flow crew and BreakinMIA.

She started breaking in 2011 in San Diego at the age of nine after watching a youth breaking class at her local dance studio. She was hooked instantly, first by the crazy moves that the students were doing, and secondly by the teacher, who was a B-Girl and who showed Logistx that it was possible to thrive as a girl in a male-dominated scene.

Logistx got her B-Girl name from her father when she was about ten years old. Her father noticed that she always needed an organised plan and logistical explanation for everything that she did. So he gave her the name ‘Logistx.’

Her first mentors in breaking were B-Girl Val Pal, B-Boy Villn, and B-Boy Mpact from her crew, Underground Flow, who have since formed a bond beyond breaking like big brothers, sisters and family. Her current inspirations are B-Girl’s Ayumi and Narumi, and B-Boy Cloud.

Throughout her decade long come up, Logistx has flexed her skills as a multi-hyphenated dancer and athlete. She became known for her slick top rock and mad musicality. She is fusing a multitude of genres, having spent time honing skills across styles like hip-hop and with some of Cali’s most complex and creatively respected choreographers.

She gained traction and respect on the scene among B-Boys, B-Girls, judges, and a big fanbase for her athleticism delivering high-level power moves in her breaking, which contrasts and compliments her dancing style and flow.

As a seasoned performer and beautifully articulate choreographer, she’s taken breaking from street cyphers to packed out multi-tiered theatres, television screens and some of the most respected stages across the globe. Logistx loves articulating societal issues and her own emotions through dance pieces.

She recently made the jump from the west coast to Miami and credits adapting to the breaking scene there as one of her proudest accomplishments.

In terms of battle wins, a big accomplishment in Logistx breaking career came when she won the 2018 Silverback Open B-Girl solo competition. She also won the junior breaking Seven to Smoke battle at the 2019 Radikal Forze Jam. She is now heading to the 2021 Red Bull BC One World Final to make her second appearance after 2019. She is currently training as a hopeful for the 2024 Paris Games.

Logistx foresees her evolution as an artist extending beyond just one type of dance and is constantly evolving and pushing her craft. She’s continuously gaining knowledge and insight and exploring the various elements of dance, choreograph, art and music. As a truly authentic artist, Logistx’s focus and intent are to inspire, elevate and ignite others to follow their passion.

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