From impressing friends and family with your BBQ skills and indulging in your Love Island obsession to updates on the latest from Wimbledon and cool music suggestions – kick off the summer in style with Alexa and this months skills.

Keeping up with Alexa

This month, keep the kids entertained with Alexa’s animal sounds – choose from over 100 – simply say, “Alexa, open Animal Sounds” and hear what a fox, giraffe or pig sounds like! Get ready for summer travels by asking “Alexa, are we there yet?” or “Alexa, play baby shark” depending on the current family favourite. Plus, keep tabs on timers, alarms and reminders to stay on top of your day with the new Echo Wall Clock. Let Alexa help you impress friends and family with your BBQ skills, indulge in your Love Island obsession, keep up on the latest news from Wimbledon and kick start the summer holidays with some cool music suggestions.

Alexa, how do you cut up a mango?


What’s new?

Amazon launched the all new Echo Wall Clock, the Echo companion device that helps you keep tabs on timers, alarms and reminders to stay on top of your day – no matter how tight your schedule or how many plates you have in the air.

In addition to telling time, the easy-to-read clock features 60 LEDs so you can set and track multiple timers and alarms simultaneously. Everything is set through your paired Echo device, which also syncs the time of day so you never need to worry again about adjusting for daylight savings.  All for just £29.99.

Setup is simple: Once you’ve popped in the batteries, sync it to your compatible Echo device by saying “Alexa, set up my Echo Wall Clock” and voila!

Last week Amazon launched the new Echo Show 5 and at the same time announced a newPrivacy Hub – so you can review your interactions with Alexa and listen to or delete recordings, manage your smart home devices and manage skill permissions.


What’s hot?

Can’t get enough of the new series of Love Island? Nor can Alexa. To expand your knowledge simply say “Alexa, what new Love Island lingo have you learnt?” or “Alexa, what do you think of Love Island?”. Alexa also learnt a thing or two at Glastonbury, ask “Alexa, do you know the lyrics to Thiago Silva?”.

Alexa, how do you open a tight jar?

What’s in season?

For handy hints on how to be the ultimate grill master or tips on how to BBQ certain meats – Alexa has you covered.  Simply say “Alexa, show me some BBQ recipes” or “Alexa, how do I BBQ chicken?”.  Echo Show 5 will show recipes and videos to follow.  Alexa will also keep you up to speed on the knock outs at Wimbledon just ask “Alexa, what’s the latest with Wimbledon?”


You can buy the Echo Show 5 for £79.99 on Amazon.