Aching for Accha

As we enter the middle of July, the warm embrace of the sun’s shiny rays lift our spirits, and cool gusts of wind induce a calming feeling- one that is much needed after undoubtedly stressful Falls, Winters, and Springs. The aura in the atmosphere is light; so what better way to express the pure euphoria in our minds than through a new and improved summer wardrobe? The fun colors and exciting patterns of Accha’s Women’s line have caught our eye here at Verge, and this summer Accha is all we can see.

Accha is a company based in London and built on the belief that, “surrounding yourself with beautiful things creates a feeling of well-being.” Accha has three collections, including the Living Collection, Wearing Collection, and Giving Collection. In the Wearing Collection, Accha features multiple types of loose sheer tops that allow you to keep cool in the overwhelming summer heat. The flowy cuts of the shirts, combined with intricate accents of embroidery, give the clothing a boho-chic style that is perfect for every summer venue. So, whether you are headed off to a weekend at the beach or attending a summer barbeque, have confidence that your Accha top will be the bell of the ball.

And that’s not all. Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but if you can’t have diamonds—and, I mean c’mon, who really has diamonds—a snazzy handbag comes in a close second. With sharp patterns and bold colors, Accha’s handbags are the perfect way to highlight your summer ensemble. And why stop there? While all your friends are admiring your bag, they’ll spot the glistening studs of your gold Accha cuff. This wrist candy is the cherry on top of your runway ready attire. Regardless of the occasion, Accha has the perfect summer clothing that will undoubtedly make all of your friends turn green with envy.

While jealousy may be the reaction that some of you are going for, some of you may want to share your secret to stylistic success with friends. If you are one of these generous people, you’re in luck! Accha has prepared for this situation, creating the perfect gifts to shower your lucky friends in. All you have to do is go to Accha’s Giving Collection, pick out the shiniest bling, the fringiest handbag, or the chicest top, and buy! Just think, with one simple purchase, you and your friends can be the hottest part of summer. Take that, Sun.

So, stop stressing over what you should wear to the next summer party, barbeque, or beach hang out, and treat yourself to an Accha wardrobe upgrade! Strut into summer with poise, knowing your apparel is the ultimate expression of Summer 2016.

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