Impossible wish lists mean Father Christmas will be struggling to live up to expectations this year, according to a survey conducted by Chessington World of Adventures Resort.

While over a third (39%) of children will be asking Santa for a smartphone or similar gadge, others are turning to him for more alternative gifts, a survey of 1,000 parents with kids aged two to 12 across the country revealed.


The research has discovered the bizarre wishes on children’s lists this year include:


  • For Daddy to be turned into a dog so he is more cuddly
  • For their baby brother to become a sister
  • A bin lorry
  • To stop the dog from farting
  • Walking, talking Christmas tree
  • A bubble bath
  • New parents
  • To put their sibling in prison
  • A wife
  • A real baby Jesus


Children do, at least, appreciate that the above will come at a cost, with many going above and beyond to get on Santa’s good side ahead of the festive season. Almost half (42%) of kids have either written a persuasive letter to Father Christmas or have made him a present to apologise for any bad behaviour throughout the year.


The lengths kids will go to, to make sure they are on Santa’s Nice List

The research further revealed that 41% of children in the UK are more willing to help their parents with the household chores around Christmas time to ensure they secure their place on Santa’s Nice List. A further 37% of children make an effort to mind their manners in the lead up to the festivities.


In return, kids are working hard to give back to Father Christmas, with gifts to ‘Santa’ including pyjamas or socks (24%) and in some cases more lucrative treats such as a festive tipple and even cold hard cash  (34%).


All I want for Christmas, is… Answers

Parents have also cited the amusing questions they find themselves answering over the festive period.


Those shared include:


  • Are Santa and Jesus best friends?
  • Can the date of Christmas be changed so it’s in summer?
  • If Jesus was born in a stable, which animal gave birth to him?
  • Do aliens celebrate Christmas?
  • Is Santa vegetarian?
  • Does the family priest know Jesus and his parents?
  • Do dead people still get toys from Santa?


Chessington World of Adventures Resort’s resident Father Christmas, commented: “In my time at Chessington’s Christmas grotto, I have been faced with many entertaining requests from children; I’ve been asked everything from gifting the child with new parents to delivering a dog poo to their sibling’s stocking. It’s one of the best parts of being Father Christmas, hearing funny requests from little ones.”


Details on how to meet Father Christmas at Chessington’s festive Winter’s Tail event this year, can be found at Chessington.com/Christmas