5 Uni Essentials That You Might Have Forgotten To Pack

Packing for university can be a bit of a challenge. With Freshers’ parties to attend, lectures to slouch through, and long nights at the library ahead, there are a lot of things to think about. You also need to remember that life is about to get very interesting — you’ll find that your student lifestyle is a lot more unpredictable, with some exciting experiences and thrilling escapades ahead of you.

To help you out, we’ve come up with five essential items you might have forgotten to pack. Each of these will come in very handy on your uni adventures, and we’ve even thrown in a few nice suggestions should you fancy a spot of shopping.

Some comfort clothing for when things get heavy


Let’s face it, there is going to be a lot of long hungover mornings where you just want to curl up into a ball and disappear. In fact, they will probably be a regular occurrence once you realise you can party during the week and still make that 11 am lecture.

This means that leaving home without some comfort clothing is a mortal sin. Whether you plan to spend your hangover days dozing or having a Netflix marathon, items like hoodies, jogging bottoms, and comfy pyjamas are the perfect attire for lounging around your flat. They’ll also double up as some extra layers when one of your miserly co-habitants decides to ration the heating in the winter.

A dressing gown for emergencies

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One thing you should be prepared for is the 4 am fire alarm when someone from your halls decides to fall asleep when making some midnight toast. This usually happens at the most inconvenient time — either when you’ve got a 9 am seminar or when you’re still groggy from your own drinking session.

This is why a dressing gown is such an essential purchase for your university experience. Not only will it keep you warm around your flat, but it can cover whatever state of undress you are in when you all have to troop outside and wait out that fire alarm.

Choose something that you won’t be embarrassed to be seen wearing in public — Marks & Spencer has a variety of men’s and women’s dressing gowns that will bring you no shame.

Flip-flops for popping out or avoiding an icky bathroom floor


There are two situations when you will be thankful that you brought along your flip-flops. One of these will be when someone has drunk the last of the milk and you need to nip down to the corner shop to buy more. The other will be a few weeks in, when your unhygienic flatmate has shown their true colours, and you don’t want your precious feet to make contact with the shared bathroom floor.

Brazilian brand Havaianas make some of the most popular flip-flops in the world for both men and women, and they won’t cost you the earth either. They are also perfect should you and your mates want to sneak away for some summer sun too.

A jacket for the British weather


You might be moving to the other end of the country, but you won’t be able to outrun the miserable British climate in the winter months. You don’t need to let this inevitable rain stop play though, and investing in a nice waterproof jacket will allow you to go out and about without getting drenched.

Choose something that is lightweight and fashionable, like this men’s Patagonia Torrentshell jacket from Fat Buddha or this women’s North Face Stratos jacket, and you’ll be able to stay dry and layer up easily when the temperature drops. These lightweight jackets won’t take up too much luggage space either for when it’s time to pack up.

A toiletry bag for being a bit selfish

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Your new housemates might be your new BFFs, but that won’t stop them from using a bit of your expensive shampoo should it be in grabbing range of the shower. While sharing should be encouraged for some things, it can quickly add up if an extra person or two is using your treasured products.

By keeping everything in a toiletries bag, you can easily transport your things to and from the bathroom and out of the hands of any curious co-habitants. Keeping everything packaged up nicely also means it will be much easier to throw into your luggage if you are heading home for the weekend too.

These essentials will go a long way towards preparing you for the unpredictable trials and tribulations of uni life. Just remember to save some space for them when it comes to packing your bags.

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