5 Tips to stay safe in the gym

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

So, you are ready to go to the gym but you aren’t sure what the deal is with safety? I’ve got a little run down for you!

Gym staff clean the kit and touchpoints regularly and will keep the spray and paper towels topped up for you to use; any issues or questions and they will help as best they can. Bear in mind the gyms are following government guidelines to keep everyone safe and sound, and keep the space open for use. So, you know, be nice!

The main thing to start with here, is that if you are feeling unwell – please stay at home! Don’t risk transferring anything to others, or making yourself feel even worse.

5 steps you can take to stay safe in the gym:

  • Keep to physical distancing rules when training or moving about the gym
  • Be considerate when using certain kit, if others are wanting to use it, communicate timings
  • Wear a mask when spotting others
  • Return kit & wipe down anything you’ve touched (or gotten sweat on!)
  • Wash hands with soap and water, or if you’re in a rush then anti bac will tide you over


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