5 tips for your first day back in the gym

Similar to your first day at school (whatever point in some far flung history that was!), there can be nerves and anxiety that come with starting out at the gym; or, in fact, going back to it after a stint out (I’m talking to you Covid).

There are lots of things you can do to make it easier. Whether its roping in a friend or getting set up with a Personal Trainer to support and guide you to greatness. Here I’ve put together the most important things, in my opinion, to organise in advance of your ‘first day’.

5 tips to prepare for your first day in the gym:

  • Pack your bag in advance: Water, Headphones, Trainers, Towel, Shower gel, Deodorant, Hairband, Spare undies etc.
  • Music/ Podcast etc. – Download some listening for offline use, so there’s no chance that any lack of signal (or a rubbish playlist)will ruin your mindset; Oh, and make sure your headphones are charged!
  • Plan your session – If its been a while since you’ve done a workout, or you are worried about going back to a public setting, being prepared will give you a clear cut path to follow. Less time floundering, more time making those gains!
  • Time – Make sure you are giving yourself a good window of time to train. Do you need to have a shower after? Is there a specific train you need to catch? Do you work better in the morning or the evening? Factor all those things in, for a stress free workout
  • Mindset – This can make or break a training session, trust me on this. Remind yourself that whatever stage you are at in your fitness life, you’re doing something. Some people haven’t gotten to the part of getting started yet; whereas you are already there! It is your time to spend on creating a healthier, stronger & more confident version of yourself, and that is yours to own.

Looking for inspiration on exercises, or just want to see how the darn things should look? Visit YouTube.com/Puregritpt for a free library of examples!

Psst: Spray down and clean your kit after you are done, and put it back where it lives ; this is for your own safety and consideration of others.