Everyone wants to feel good and look great in their clothes, so Verge teamed up with TCA FIT to bring you a guide to get you summer body ready!  Establishing a wellness lifestyle and breaking out of sedentary habits is a perfect way to improve your health and lose extra weight, so you are ready for the summer weather and anything it throws your way!

Below the best way to do each workout is explained by personal trainer Francesca Purefoy aka Puregrit PT.


Step 1: Squats


Once you set the ball bell to the right height in the squat rack put your hands in position using your thumbs as guide to ensure that they are wide enough. Step under the bar, make sure the bar is resting on your shoulders and your central.Stand up take a double couple steps back and get your feet into position.

You want your feet to be shoulder width apart roughly it sort of slightly turned to eleven not one o’clock, once you’re ready take a deep breath squeeze your shoulder blades and sit down into your squat.

Bring yourself back up again and repeat ten times for three sets.Once you’ve finished each set walk yourself back towards the rack and put the bar back safely and get yourself underneath it out.


Step 2: Walking Lunges


Get yourself a barbell load up the weight the best suits once you have the weight prepared clean the weight up and over onto your shoulders hold the bar tightly and pull it down pulling your shoulder blades together, so you’re nice and secure.

Chest up take a deep breath in when you’re ready start doing your lunges making sure the your lung is a nice and wide and at 90 degree angles. Take 10 steps away 10 steps back once that’s completed give yourself a few seconds rest and then go again repeat this three times, once you’re finished put the weight down.




Step 3: kettlebell swings


Choose a kettlebell hold onto the handles at the top on either side, making sure that your knuckles are facing downwards.

Put your feet into a shoulder width position with toes slightly pointed out and lift the weights, once you’re up just standing squeeze, your shoulder blades chest up shoulders back hinge and let the weight fall between your knees and then thrust your hips forwards into a standing position.

To get the kettlebell to shoulder height with nice straight arms and then bring the weight back down again. Repeat this movement for 30 seconds with a 30 seconds rest that’s one interval aim for a minimum of five and see how many you can do.



Step 4: battle ropes


Grab the battle ropes at the end make sure they’re fully lengthened out as far as they will go get yourself into position, so a squat position shoulder width for the feet with toes slightly out chest up shoulders back sit down.

Once you’re sat into the squat position quickly move your hands up and down to create the waves in the rope, with this you’re aiming for 30 to 45 seconds of work with 30 seconds rest and again feel intervals aiming for a minimum of five and see how many you can do.




Step 5: TRX pull-ups

Once you set the length of the shear put your feet in front of you and diagonally lean yourself backwards, make sure your feet to solid on the ground keep your body in a straight position with your knuckles facing towards the ceiling and palms facing down.

Then as you pull the rope towards you with elbows drawing back turn the handle, so your palms are facing inwards towards your body, as you come back out of it again a release yourself down turn the hands back into that original position.

That’s one rep aim for 10 with three sets.


Look out for more fitness videos on Verge with Francesca Purefoy/Puregrit PT puregrit 


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For more about TCA Fit check out tca.fit


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