5 of the best cooking channels on youtube

Fancy trying out some new recipes but don’t know where to start? Do you feel you need a guiding hand? You need to check out these YouTube Cooking Channels. The videos are easy to follow, and will leave you with a whole new array of recipes that will definitely impress.


Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube

Let’s start with a classic; the naked chef Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube does not disappoint. The channel includes dishes from all over the world, they are totally easy to follow and will taste delicious. The channel features many guest appearances from different chefs so keep your eyes peeled!


Healthy Cooking Camp

For those who want to eat well, Healthy Cooking Camp is for you. These ladies prove that eating healthy can still be delicious; the channel includes top tips on all things healthy along with basic ‘How To’s’ for those new to cooking.


Betty’s Kitchen

Betty’s Kitchen has over 1000 videos of recipes for you to watch on her channel. Betty makes a range of dishes and the recipes are demonstrated in a step by step manner which is easy to follow for those at home.


The Manic Chef 

Fancy a good hit of comedy and some great recipe ideas all in one place? The Manic Chef is for you! This channel is hilarious to watch purely for entertainment purposes, but also includes some innovative and delicious recipes. Though this channel was only started a few weeks ago, we predict huge things to come. It is definitely one to subscribe to and to watch out for, you won’t regret it!


The Brothers Green

This is one of our all time favourite cooking channels, and the brothers have now earned themselves a cooking show on MTV! The recipes on this channel use cheap ingredients to make quick, easy and incredibly delicious recipes suitable for everyone and anyone. You will be impressed.



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