How to use your Yoga Strap

If you’re ready to flow through yoga class like a champ, then consider brushing up on the yoga props basics. While props are helpful for beginners, they can elevate your practice at any level. Consider them as tools that help you get the most out of yoga class.

Let’s start with the basics: the yoga strap. Straps are great if you have tight muscles or are recovering from injury because, when used correctly, they help you maintain the structural alignment of your body.

Here are three poses to test out your yoga strap:

Shoulder Openers (image above)

Just because you can’t clasp your hands behind your back doesn’t mean you should suffer through shoulder openers! Tight chests and shoulders are very common, especially if you’re an athlete. Use a strap to enhances your mobility so you can stretch a little deeper and start to nail those yoga tricks with ease.

Seated Forward Fold  

Do you ever feel like a smooshed up sausage in forward folds? Use a strap. Wrap it around your feet and hold onto either end with both hands to help gently leverage your body into the pose with a long spine. Not only will your forward bends look effortless, but they’ll start to feel a lot more accessible, too.

King Pigeon

King Pigeon is a great hip and heart opener, but not if you crank yourself into injury. Use a yoga strap to help you get into this pose slowly. As you walk your hands down the strap toward your feet, use the extra space that the strap affords you to keep your hips squared, your lower back long and your upper back open.

Test these variations out in your next yoga class. A yoga strap is like your personal go-go gadget arm that will help you access poses more efficiently, so get creative! Are you working on a certain pose? Leave a comment and let us know!


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