Verge Meets: Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton is an award-winning online creator and author, with her videos attracting 45 million views and 400k subscribers to her official YouTube channel.

She is regarded as one of the UK’s leading voices covering a range of topics including sex, relationships, feminism, body image, gender and sexuality.

Hannah debuted her internationally selling book, ‘Doing It’ last year. Having sold over 16,500 copies in its first year alone, Hannah candidly explores topics such as masturbation and puberty, slut shaming and consent, as well as, how to maintain healthy relationships in a digital age.

Celebrating International Women’s Day we were lucky enough to have a chat with Hannah to find out what makes her tick.

How would you describe yourself and your videos?

I would say I’m a very open and honest person and that is definitely reflected in my videos. There aren’t many things that I’m ashamed to talk about or will shy away from.

Your videos have very strong messages for young women, where did this come from, what were your inspirations to create your channel?

When I first started making videos I was very much inspired by the Vlogbrothers, Hank & John Green. And then in terms of creating content around sex and relationships for young women, one of my big inspirations at the beginning was Laci Green.

Your book “Doing it” is set to be published in the USA. Can you tell us about the book and what readers should expect?

Doing It Book is an exploration of all things sex, relationships and bodies. It’s full of information, advice and stories from myself and others. Topics include masturbation, porn, contraception, virginity, consent, healthy relationships, body image etc. I’m super proud of it and think anyone whatever your age or gender could get something out of it.

Feminism is a huge subject in the public eye at the moment, do you think woman are getting the recognition they need?

I think huge strides have been made recently to really put women at the forefront of important conversations and recognise women’s achievements. It’s the recognition we deserve. But I still think there’s a long way to go. 

Can you tell us about your plans for the near future?

I guess the main thing that’s going to be taking over my life very soon is moving house. I own zero furniture so it really is going to be a from scratch job which I’m very excited about! In terms of work stuff though, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things post-medical crisis and I’m looking forward to future projects such as writing my second book!

What are your top tips for up and coming vloggers/YouTubers?

Carve your own path, know your worth & try not to compare yourself to others.

If you had to describe your vlog to people in three words what would they be?

Open, curious, human.

What do you think makes for a successful YouTube video?

Depends on the video and what the intended purpose of it is but I think for any YouTube video or piece of media in general, it’s successful if it connects to people.