Verge Loves: Choosey

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is set to sleigh families this Xmas – with a unique video greetings card.

Choosey cards offer festive shoppers a personalised, 30-second video message, alongside a traditional printing card.

Ben Nolan, CEO of Choosey said: “Choosey has turned receiving a card into an experience and taken sending physical greetings to the next level – we want to make sending cards fun again.

“Choosey is about sharing the moment and making memories.  Whether it’s banter between mates, a romantic message to someone special, or the whole family singing Merry Christmas to your Mum.  There’s always a great reason to send video greeting cards.

“The industry has been slow to change since Victorian times, precisely because the draw of an actual card is too powerful to abandon. We have combined these two worlds.”

In the UK the British public are expected to spend over £384 million on Christmas cards and now Choosey has entered the market, incentivising you to send a much more creative message, adding that extra bit of care this year.

Choosey’s Christmas multipacks come in a pack of 10 cards (priced at £13.99), and feature five different designs from some of the most innovative independent designers in the UK.


“The only tradition we’re interested in is the fact that people still like to send physical greetings to each other, whether it’s a card, postcard or invitation. Choosey can now enhance this experience and create a new emotional connection between people.” Nolan adds.

Senders can upload a different video to each card, making the experience truly special or, alternatively, send the same video to everyone.

Videos are recorded on the Choosey app itself, or uploaded from a camera roll on a mobile device. When the card is received, it includes a printed QR code, which plays the video when scanned with a smartphone or tablet. All that is needed is for all parties to download the Choosey App via Google Play or the Apple Store.

Choosey greetings cards not only provide innovative options for all other important occasions like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, but pave the way for long-distance proposals, surprise baby announcements, and even seductions!

Creating a Choosey offers template video cards for all occasions. They can be customised with words in any chosen font, clip art and emojis. The card creation process then guides the customer through uploading a video and offers prompts until the card is completed. The recipient can then open their card and access the video via the Choosey App, to be viewed as often as they wish.

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