Christmas Gift guide – under £100

With less than 6 weeks to go, Verge has the ultimate Christmas gift guide for those who love their gadgets, car or going to the gym – all for under £100.



bae0a2bd-ca1a-48d4-abd9-1cd7e19e4557Ted Baker AW16 iPhone Folio and hard shell cases
iPhone 7S – £34.95 / iPhone 7S plus –£39.95,

iPhone 6 / 6s / 6s Plus – from £29.95

Ted Bakers AW16 Folio Case collection has defined itself as a must-have fashion accessory this Autumn.  The classic flip-back cover has been given an insightful upgrade – a concealed internal mirror for your eyes only. Available in various distinguished designs, Ted’s latest collection ensure that accessorising this Autumn be an easy feat. Whether you opt for the eye-catching shades of ox-blood or the distinguished porcelain rose, you’ll always ready.


c0bdcf16-eac6-41e5-a440-c7bcf1b8984bShamrock purse with iPhone pocket






0ced3354-8d60-4e2e-8461-b26cef04fab8Greenwich cable ties





e5992ea2-fb18-4b4a-b037-53fe12d315c4Meriden iPad case for Apple iPad Air / Air 2







8a309eea-8127-45ec-800c-f4a0f5fa1ba2Aluminium Lined Real Leather Case for iPhone SE

£29.95, <>
Designed for the iPhone SE in an ultra-portable and protective style, this real leather case features an aluminium lining and shock-absorbing, impact-resistant exterior.

Real Leather Card Case for iPhone SE
Meet the all-new real leather commuter case for the iPhone SE, designed with two hidden card slots for carrying your everyday essentials.

Carbon Fibre Edge Edition for iPhone 7 – £35

It’s the same Carbon Fibre case, just better. With an unconcealed carbon fibre lining and statement racing red recess, this kick-stand function and car mount-ready case offers dynamite protection with a bit more edge. A genuine leather, cut-and-sew finish with the range’s signature flourishes finishes the look.

0b7c1c15-d7b4-4551-a162-828706f083fdWaterless Wash & Wax Formula

Smart Polish Pro has launched its flagship product, the Waterless Wash and Wax formula is guaranteed to leave your car with an immaculate showroom shine. The formula contains no irritant or paintwork-damaging chemicals and cuts through dirt, grime, road film, tree sap and bird droppings to leave a smear free finish. The mix lifts and breaks down dirt leaving behind a microscopic protective layer that contains the finer Carnauba wax. Buffing then creates a bonded hydrophobic surface layer that repels water for weeks.

£15.99 for the 500ml

£24.99 for 1000ml and includes 1x free professional grade Microfibre cloth.



4a0b2c7b-ddaa-4342-8a87-c1f90b17da51MYZONE: The sports bra that tracks your work-out effort. 

£129.99 MZ-3 Belt / £49.99 Sports Bra,

MYZONE is a revolutionary waterproof sports wearable – integrated into a bra or chest strap.

Instead of tracking fitness, MYZONE marks you on effort, this means you might finish behind Laura Trott in a race, but work harder than her in that race and the accompanying app makes you the winner – this makes it massively motivational for anyone wanting to take part in any sport.

MYZONE calibrates to your body metrics and maximum heart rate and creates a bespoke handicap that is personal to you – hence the name MYZONE. The connected MYZONE app then shows a simple coloured tile with a real time percentage rating to show how much capacity of your maximum heart rate you are using at any given time. You score points the harder you work and these are also meaningful – MYZONE is the only sports wearable to align with the World Health Organisation’s guidelines for physical activity.

d6062ddd-800f-4089-9d65-f16de6abd81fMYZONE is one of the most accurate fitness and activity trackers available at the moment accuracy of 99.45 against an ECG machine, providing you with much more meaningful data than any step-counter or wrist based tracker.
Ted Baker IREENS Sports Running Armband
Whether you’re running through the park, cycling along the coast or working out in the gym, this Ted Baker sports armband is the only gym buddy you need. Available in nude floral print kolina prints.

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