Verge Teams Up With !


Verge Magazine is excited to announce a brand new partnership with the amazing !

We’re teaming up with Cohorted on mission to bring you the beauty products you want, for prices you’ll love.

Cohorted offers its customers a collection of designer brand’s beauty products foran incredible price. We’ve found savings on products we all know and love, like Mac and Chanel.verge20_011

The reason that Cohorted is able to make these products cheaper is because they don’t have a “middle man” which enables them to pass on their savings to the consumer.

Some examples of savings that cohorted have gotten for its consumers are the Dior Addict lipstick which is marked down by 14% of the original price, Bare mineral’s foundation is reduced by 17% of the original price, the Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush reduced by 5%, and the Diorshow Black Out Waterproof Mascara Spectacular Volume reduced by 24%.

Cohorted has been delivering high quality products to hundreds of customers per day for the past year and a half, but delivering high quality products to customers isn’t all they do- their blog keeps their customers updated on which of their products they recommend. Some examples of things they have informed their customers about are which beauty products live up to their hype, which shoes are “perfect”, which drugstore lipsticks are actually good lipsticks, which perfumes are safe to buy without smelling them and which foundations are amazing.

Verge are teaming up with Cohorted to offer you an amazing opportunity to save even more, by using voucher code ‘Verge20’ you’ll be able to save a further 20% on any products you purchase.

In celebration of this partnership we are holding a giveaway. We have two great prizes up for grabs. We are giving you the chance to win.


x1 MAC Mineralize Lipsticks, x1 MAC Blushers x1 MAC Bronzer and

x1 MAC Mineralize Lipsticks, x1 MAC Blushers x1 MAC Mineralize Skin Finish

The competition will begin on twitter on the 31st July. You can enter by following the instructions on twitter through @Cohorted & @vergemagonline

We love Cohorted!

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