2015: The Boom in Menswear

Never before has there been such an emphasis on men’s fashion as there is now. Yes of course men’s style magazines such as GQ and Esquire have paved the way into the mainstream representing the large quota of fashionable men. However it is important to point out the boom of not only men’s fashion magazines today but also the popularity of men’s fashion shows around the world.


Independent men’s fashion magazine such as Man About Town, Fantastic Man, Another Man, Hercules, and Port Magazine, to mention only a few, have made their way into local newspaper shops and WH Smith’s around London, and sometimes in my opinion as an avid magazine reader,  these are even more noticeable than some of the most influential women’s fashion magazines. More and more people want to attend LCM, Pitti Uomo, and men’s runway shows supported in regular fashion weeks in Paris and New York (even though the CDFA recently announced a dedicated men’s fashion week in NYC in July).

Men’s fashion seems today to be somewhat of a phenomenon when previously it was only under the radar. Menswear sales are hitting harder then womenswear sales, and more and more style subcultures that were often only seen among females are being competed with by males. This outbreak seems to extend from the idea that men no longer see fashion as just clothing but more as something that is a representative of individuality and experimentation, moving out of the commercial value of men’s clothing, and, fundamentally, the want to be celebrated.

However in order to really establish specialized men’s fashion weeks around the world, there is of course the need to stand out in terms of what is presented on the runway. There is a certain drama seen at LCM and Pitti (in particular, just this past season’s Rick Owens full frontal show) that makes everyone covet tickets to an array of shows, and that is the movement away from seeing drab grey suits on the runway. Even some of the most established tailoring houses are grabbing high profile designers in order to expand and make a more refreshing collection for seasons to come. This boom of course can only expand the market more, and open a platform for fresh talent, talent of which can further explore menswear in ways that hasn’t been seen before and make men’s fashion just as important as women’s.

Some of our favorite trends to have come out of the Spring/Summer 2015 collections and to look out for with the change of the weather is an all white palette, 70’s and 90’s influences, military green, denim on denim, and printed trousers (if you want to be especially daring, maybe try out a crop top as seen on the models in the Bobby Abley and JW Anderson shows… maybe).

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