10 essentials: Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas is UK Market Developer at TicketSwap; the company which provides a smart solution to buying secondary e-tickets online. Lauren shares her top 10 essential items she just can’t leave the house without when going to a festival or gig around London.

Lauren ThomasI’m Lauren, the UK Market Developer for TicketSwap; the company which provides a smart solution to buying and selling secondary e-tickets online. We provide a safe alternative for fans who are looking to buy and sell their tickets at fair prices, which we feel is crucial for fighting the touts that are ruining live music for true fans. As we are relatively new to the UK market, my role is too introduce, inform and expand the brand for those music fans and event lovers!


After studying Journalism and English Literature at university, and over two years in Marketing, I have recently moved to Amsterdam for the role, and am loving and working in one of the coolest cities in the world! However when I’m home in London, I still enjoy finding awesome events, with that real UK vibe!


TicketSwap is a lifesaver! It’s the best way to find last minutes e-tickets for sold out shows without spending a fortune. Also, it’s awesome for quickly getting rid of your spare tickets without spending hours on Facebook or risking dealing with scammers.


Once I’ve secured my ticket, it’s time to do a bit of research on all of the acts playing, especially for a festival when their is a deluge of awesome performers. Also makes it very easy to find new music from unknown artists!


Can I tell you a secret? I’m a bit of a sneaker pimp. Currently in love with my Adidas Gazelle’s, they’re an old school classic and super comfy, and pretty useful for stomping through the dance floor or the damp festival ground.



Nothing is more useful and essential than a good leather jacket. Helps me avoid the inevitable disaster of spilled drinks and, let’s be honest, piss. Also reasonably warm and rain-resistant for that long walk back to the tube.


No one has the city-wide transport game down like the guys at Citymapper. London cabbies have “The Knowledge”, and I’ve got “the Mapper”. Crucial for getting to the show in time for the headliner and not getting lost on my way home.


This one really depends how optimistic you are. I prefer to be prepared for the rare miracle when the London sun decides to come out to play. Also useful for looking badass (or idiotic, depending on your point of view) inside a night time venue.

Hip flask

London’s establishments and venues have a great reputation for being cheap…so clearly there’s reason to clandestinely bringing in a bit of extra fuel for my personal consumption. However, if you were so inclined, obviously the best way is to disguise it as a healthy snack, because you have “low blood sugar”

Battery Pack

Especially for those weekend festivals! It saves you standing by yourself at the charging points looking like a bit of a loner and missing out partying the night away!


Could potentially pick any social app here but Snapchat is by far the most fun and least hassle. And who wants to be picking out instagram filters in the middle of the dancefloor?


Not actually a smoker, but people always appreciate the person who’s got the fire. Also, I’m convinced that people who wave their phones to slow songs in the middle of the gig are the worst. Also handy for opening beers!


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