10 Essentials: Aston Merrygold


Aston Merrygold got into the Christmas spirt with Verge and shared his 10 essential items with us.

And while you are out picking out the top items for your loved ones; Aston is asking everyone to donate an extra gift for Cash for Kids Mission Christmas go to Cash for Kids to find out more.

Check out his brand new track ‘Too Late’ available for pre-order here.

Here is what Aston just can’t live without…


Friends and family
They most important thing in my life, bar nothing! My inspirations make me who I am, they are the people who have spurred me on and so are the reason I get to make music.

Aston t-shirts 
These let people know my name is spelled Aston and not Ashton or Austin!!! l decided more people might need help with that too so you can customise your own names too 🙂

My barber
They have the power to make people feel and look better!

Nothing beats a fresh stone oven pizza, but I’m never one to pass up a dominos either.

My phone
It’s 2016 so to not mention my phone would be weird now, right?! I need them so much I have an iPhone and a Samsung.

Beats headphones
Because I need to be able to listen to music wherever I go.

Michael Jackson albums
This music is my go to. If I’m ever stuck wondering what to play, it will always be an MJ album.

Amazon Prime Now
This is a bit of an addiction now, I think I order something from there every day.

The world is a big place, and so I love being able to travel it for work but when I get to have a relaxing holiday I take full advantage.

Films/box sets
These help me keep entertained, if I’m in the back of a car, on the tour bus, on a plane or waiting for anything I’ve always got something to watch.

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