10 Daily Routine Essentials with Grainne McCoy

Splitting your time between London and Ireland can be tiring and take its toll on your skin. So we hit the boardroom to catch up with Apprentice star and Entreprenuer Grainne McCoy, to ask for her Top 10 Daily Must Haves.

“A glass of water as soon as I get up! Followed by 3 litres a day.”
FACT: Your brain is 76% water tissue, when our brain is dehydrated then you are working on low fuel.

Daily Moisturiser & SPF
“Olay Complete Care and Everyday Sunshine” Hydrating moisturiser with SPF 15 & a little hint of a daily tan.”

Eye Drops 
Optrex Refreshing Eyes
“Keep these in the fridge and put 2 drops in your eyes each morning! Boom an instant coolness to tired eyes, Refreshed and bright eyes daily! – Eye Contact is key!”

“In the house or on the go I have my ITunes app on. Music is fantastic exercise for the brain; activating every part and making you feel instantly amazing!

Daily Vitamins
Well Woman Vitamins
“My mother introduced me to these years ago and they really do work, great for hair, skin and nails”

Hydrating foundation
Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation
“This foundation makes your skin look fresh, dewy and fab all day!”

MAC Eyebrow Crayon
“Easiest pencil to use when you’re in a rush, the shape of it does the work for you. Some wont leave the house without their phone, but I wont leave home without my brows”

Nobody Likes dry or cracked Lips
“I always use this to get a constant kissable lip

Narciso Rodiguez for your daytime scent
Tom Ford, Black Orchid For the evening
“I always smell like I just walked out of a cosmetic hall”

Sugar Rush
Cadburys Chocolate
” I am chocolate crazy, and when you are on the go constantly a daily square of chocolate gives a quick sugar rush, everyone loves chocolate!!”

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