Verge’s Top New Artists to watch out for In 2018

2017 has been an epic year for new artists and we predict that 2018 will be no different. We thought that there could be no better way to finish off the year than with some cheeky guesses on who we’ll fall in love with in 2018.

YXNG BANE (Image Above) 

Yxng Bane may have come across your radar by his feature with Yungen in ‘Bestie’ but he’s about to claim the UK scene. He’s been bubbling for a while, especially with his Ed Sheeran ‘Shape of You’ remix making the official remix track listing. Stay close, he’s totally up to something…


Col3trane is a new UK talent with a global sound. His sound has been compared to Frank Ocean but with a slightly heavier feel. The combination of his calming vocals and hardcore productions somehow comes together like a perfect sandwich, which we would happily chow down. His debut project ‘Tsarina’ is beautiful and worth a listen – we suggest a long car journey somewhere picturesque.


It isn’t all about the name! 88GLAM are a US based duo that have rocked the internet with tracks such as ‘Bali’ and ’12’. They constantly entertain their fans with the best visuals, we suggest you head over to YouTube and entrap yourself into their Neon world.


NAV has worked with some of the US’s hottest artists including Lil Uzi Vert, The Weeknd and Metro Boomin, Offset and Playboi Carti. He’s definitely one to keep a close eye on as his fan base has tripled since last year! As well as having some impressive collabs up his sleeve, we’re sure that whatever he has planned for 2018 will be huge!


If you haven’t heard of NexXthursday where have you been?! His track ‘Sway’ has flooded the US radio and features Quavo and Lil Yachty. His creativity and catchy hooks always keeps us wanting more and we cannot wait for 2018, as we’re pretty sure it’s going to go in his favour.


Billie Eilish is a super young yet super talented singer/songwriter- with her being only 16, we know that she is going to cause some waves next year! It all started back in 2016 where she released ‘Ocean Eyes’ that skyrocketed her to the top of every blog. After releasing numerous singles in 2017 and her debut EP making its way into the crowd, we know that 2018 is all hers!