With the horse racing season in full swing and the style paparazzi snapping, Remington wants to ensure you’re as stylish and ‘on trend’ as you should be. With that said, Kieran Tudor, Remington brand ambassador, has developed three style guides to ensure you look as sharp as your suit, each time you hit the race course, so at least your style is winning even if your horse isn’t!



 In order to create a stylish, sharp look when your beard is long, regular grooming is essential. The key for making longer beards look more groomed is to routinely apply beard oil. If you’re not already using it, make sure to start, as beard oils soften facial hair helping to tame the course texture of most beards.

After showering or washing your face with a facial cleanser, lightly pat it with a towel to remove excess water, comb the beard hair down and apply a few drops of beard oil rubbing your hands through the entire length of the beard to make sure the oil saturates all the hair. Then, gently pat the beard so it forms its shape and leave to dry naturally.

When getting ready for a big day at the races, follow the below steps to ensure your style is on point and you stay ahead of the competition!

Using a wide tooth comb, run through your beard to remove any old hair and clumps, so it stands out from the face. Then, use a pair of barber scissors to snip any longer stray hairs that you see sticking out. Work with a mirror to get all the areas of your beard trimmed.

To de-bulk and trim the length on the cheekbone areas, use Remington’s Endurance Groomer and begin trimming using a downward motion to assess the amount of hair you are removing – the aim is to trim the length slightly shorter at the jaw area and below, leaving the hair longer below the jaw line.

Removing the guard from the Groomer, trim the hair on your lip to get a nice clean line, using the comb as a guide. You can also use it to lift the longer hair at the side of the moustache while you are trimming the lip hair, so you don’t cut the corners off. This is particularly helpful if you like to use wax to extenuate the points or curl them up.

Continue to trim the hair above the jaw line, creating a clean, either diagonal or curved line from the side of the moustache area to the side burns. For a closer result, use the blade on the reverse side of the Endurance Groomer to achieve sharp lines. Don’t forget to trim the hair below or from mid-way up the Adam’s apple, depending on personal preference.

Now, re-comb your beard away from the face and asses if the shape is even and whether there are any stray hairs left. Once again, use scissors to trim them and refine the beard shape.

Use a beard wax for extra taming – apply a small amount to your palms and rub it into your beard and moustache to create your preferred style. This will keep the hair looking more uniform.

To finish off your look on the track, opt for a 3-piece suit and wear a pocket watch in your waistcoat.



 A top trend for mid-length facial hair this season, currently being worn by top footballers and A-list celebrities, is the V-shaped Beard. This angular look is achieved by keeping more length in the chin area and trimming the beard hair from the side burns slightly shorter.

The mid-length beard requires just as much care and attention as a long one – so don’t forget to apply beard oil to soften it and regularly trim stray hairs.

To achieve this look, follow these easy steps and assure you win at least one of your bets – being the best looking on the track!

Set the Remington Endurance Groomer to number 6 and trim the beard all over to a uniformed length. If your beard is shorter than this length, then shorten the guard to a number 5 or number 4 or increase for slightly longer beards.

If starting with a 6, after trimming all the beard to the same length change the guard to 5 and working in a downward motion, trim from the side burns down to the point around the corner of the lip.

Then, change the guard to a 4 and again, trimming in a downward motion from the side burns, trim to the point around the corner of the nose. You now should have a nice fade from a number 4 guard by the side burns to a longer number 6 guard around the chin level.

To exaggerate the V shape, remove the guard from the Groomer and use the reverse side of the blade to create a sharp line at the cheekbone from the moustache to the side burns.

Trim the hair hanging over the lip in the same way, and then finish off by shaving the hair below the chin clean all the way up to the corner of your jaw.

To complete the look, choose a trendy, patterned suit. Focus on the colour – light tones will match darker beards and darker shades will go great with lighter beards; the devil’s in the contrast!



If you like wearing your facial hair shorter, focus on skincare and invest in a good grooming tool, which will enhance your skin’s natural glow with no cuts – and no fuss.

The short stubble look is one which has prevailed over the centuries, creating Legends through generations. To achieve the best effects, follow this simple guide:

Start early! 3-4 days before a day out at the races, trim your facial hair down with the Endurance Groomer with no guard set to 0.4mm. This allows for just the right amount of re-growth for the perfectly groomed stubble look.

On the day of the event simply shape up your stubble by redefining the edges on the cheek bone area, the neck line and top lip.


Short stubble is easy to create and perfect to add an edge to classic style – think James Bond at the races. Who needs luck when you’ve got looks?

Remington Endurance Groomer is available to buy at Amazon and Boots for £49.99 RRP. 

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