PM Theresa May Hopes To Bring Together Westminster With Snap Election

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Theresa May shocked the political world with the announcement of an early election, intended for 8th June of this year. Could we say that this was a surprise? Yes. Could it have anything to do with Brexit? Yes. Does this mean that there is going to be some intense campaigning? Absolutely. With May stating last year that she would not push for an early election, you can see why this is such a shock and you’re probably sitting there and wondering why? Well, let’s take it from the top:

In her announcement, May stated, “The country is coming together but Westminster is not.” This is evidently true not only with the opposition but within the Conservative party. As you may remember, Conservatives were and still are certainly divided, so this is a chance to unite her party. Additionally, with the Conservatives holding a slim majority, an early election could increase the majority and reduce the power of their opposition. This would give May what she is seeking – a stronger hand and stronger mandate in future Brexit negotiations.

With Labour threatening to vote against any final agreements, Liberal Democrats trying to grind government business to a standstill and other threats within Westminster regarding Brexit, this is the opportune moment to strengthen the Conservative party and ensure a smooth transition into Brexit.

As May pointed out, the political “game playing” isn’t going to ensure success for what is hopefully a peaceful transition and soft approach to Brexit.

Come Wednesday, May will place a motion to the House of Commons for a vote. To move forward, two-thirds of the House of Commons MPs must approve for the election to take place in June. The opposition said that they will certainly vote yes to move forward for what is sure to be an interesting time up until the election.

So where do you think May and the Conservative party lie within all this shocking commotion? Take a hop, skip and a jump over to YouGov, recent polling data shows that the Conservatives have quit the cushioning between their opposition.

Even with polls in favor of May and her party, the early election is still a gamble as the United Kingdom is still divided on the issue. Will May pull it off? Time will tell.

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