We get it; job interviews can be the worst. You stutter and shake, you get sweaty and even slur a bit. That’s normal and there are tons of people that suffer from the same issues. We’re going to give you all you need to know in order for you to land that job.

Always stay calm. We promise you, you are not alone. Even the people behind the questions get nervous sometimes. Just be calm, cool and collected – it will do you wonders. Feel free to take a paperclip, or anything small, with you so you have something to hold onto. Please bear in mind that it has to be small, taking a giant stress ball or a bear might be a bit too much for an interview.

It’s also great when you start conversation with your interviewer. Ask them how their day’s going, nothing too personal but polite conversation always helps warm up the room. It will also help turn the interview into a conversation rather than a question and answer.

Be as confident as possible! Remember, you’re in the room because you’re qualified and they liked something about your application; which means you’re already in a position of power. It’s important for you to ask yourself  ‘what can I bring to the table?’ and we’re sure you’ll have loads to talk about.

Try not to waffle on – it’s so easy to get lost when you’re talking about yourself, but try and stay as close to the question as possible. Have short and precise answers that you can slightly elaborate on if needed.

Always try to make them laugh, not hysterically but enough to ease your nerves. Observations of your journey, a comment on the news or even mentioning something amusing about yourself will help you keep your cool, and will also show them that you’re not a robot. A sense of humor is a great sign of someone that is able to learn and observe – it also shows that you’re personable, which is important in a lot of roles.

Dress like you’re already an employee. OK, if there’s a uniform involved then don’t make your own version, but dress the part. It will show the employer that you fit into the team and that you’re taking the position seriously. It’s the small efforts that will separate you from the rest.


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