A New way to send and receive your parcels at Uni.

Parcels. We all send and receive them – especially at Uni. But there is nothing more draining than the thought of queuing at the Post Office for half an hour then having to pay a small fortune just to send a package back home. All we want to do is hand over responsibility to someone we trust, to get our stuff from A to B quickly and safely, and mainly in the cheapest way possible!

Unipost understands this and have created a service just for students.

Unipost make sending parcels easier, more affordable, and greener for everyone. They offer this unique service for university students across the UK, collecting and delivering with their own fleet of vehicles whether it’s a parcel or a bed… they will get it to where it needs to be. Unipost are not a parcel broker and never use other carriers so your goods are always in safe hands, and your fully covered with their own insurance.

Sign up for an annual subscription which provides an unlimited 2-way service, plus they can even store your possessions for as long as you need in their secure facilities. It usually costs £129 per year but right now they are offering a 25% discount plus an extra 2 months FREE. What’s more, you’ll be entered into a free monthly draw and could win £1,000!

Unipost also looking for students to work part-time to help build the business, so if you’re looking to earn some extra cash get in touch. They have 150 jobs (1 position at each university) available, more details on the website – http://www.unipost.org.uk.

Waste no time and start sending, even if your moving in or out of your residents, save money with Unipost. For further details visit www.unipost.org.uk.