90’s Fashion Inspiration for Today – with the help of Comb

90’s fashion is back in a big way. From street style to the runway, our favorite nostalgic items are making there way back into our wardrobes.

During the 90’s, few people had as much impact on developing trends as young starlets from movies and TV shows. Whether you were a Cher or a Dionne, a Rachel or a Phoebe, a Romy or a Michelle, there was a fashion icon for everyone in the 90’s.

That’s why we’re turning to these lovely ladies for 90’s inspiration for the modern era. The best part is, you no longer have to hunt through six different stores to find the perfect floral crop top – á la Kelly Kapowski. With the help of our favorite fashion app, Comb, you can instantly find dozens of fashion matches for your favorite 90’s TV characters.

Try some of our favorite inspirations below by using our favourite fashion app Comb. Download Comb here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/comb/id912320386?mt=8


Cher Horowitz


Who wasn’t jealous of Cher’s virtual wardrobe in Clueless? Our fashion technology may not be that advanced yet, but Comb can help us steal Cher’s classic prep-school perfection.

Kelly Kapowski


There wasn’t a single boy that didn’t want, or girl that didn’t want to be, Kelly Kapowski in the 90’s. The teen queen’s style would still fit perfectly in the streets of London or the hills of Coachella.

Rachel Green


Perhaps the epitome of coveted 90’s fashion, early Rachel Green had no problem making a statement. She’s working this plaid pleated miniskirt (no doubt a vintage one from her days as a high school cheerleader) in a way we can only dream of.

Monica Geller


But Rachel wasn’t the only fashionable Friend we loved. Monica made classic and polished look cool, and anyone who can make short layers look this good deserves a mention in my book.



A tie-dye velour tank top, because what else are you going to kill vampires in?

Fran Drescher


If it wasn’t Fran’s voice you noticed first in the classic show “The Nanny,” then it was her clothes. Fran dressed so that even if the sound of her voice didn’t reach you, the blinding colors of her wardrobe did. Maybe we need to bring it up a few decibels before we can be brave enough to bring back some of this TV queen’s fashion statements.

With the help of the Comb app, we can take images of all our favorite 90’s characters and bring their style to our modern wardrobes.

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